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What's Next?

Helping employees learn and grow
University Business, Oct 2011

Many organizations focus training efforts on developing technical skills, explains Kim Ruyle, VP, managing principal at Korn/Ferry Leadership Talent & Consulting in Miami. Yet, work behaviors, attitudes, and values are more likely to get employees fired. To help employees grow and remain engaged, Ruyle suggests:

  • Helping managers optimize team or staff performance. "This will be very important for universities," Ruyle says. "How can you manage a team for innovation?  How can you create products and services that make the pie grow?"
  • Developing cross-functional teams to solve real problems. The more heat that's applied, the more dollars attached, the more learning will occur. The takeaways will be far more impactful than what simulations offer.
  • Assessing employees for emotional intelligence at different stages of their career, offering coaching, and developing a personal learning plan. Such a plan may not be part of a formal training program. "HR tends to compartmentalize HR functions," Ruyle says. "Integration is key."