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University Business, July 2013

Mobile Alert System
Made specifically for education use, the Sielox Class Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System provides real-time, classroom status updates and can notify campus leaders and first responders via graphical maps, email, and text messaging. Faculty and staff can send out color-coded alerts that indicate specific types of emergencies (such as medical problems or violence) through networked devices or push buttons. Law enforcement and first responders can view floor plans in real-time, with updates automatically displayed on their mobile phone, tablet, or patrol car laptop.

A New Way to Click
eInstruction’s Ping clicker, equipped with a long-life lithium battery, can be secured to a desk, worn around the neck with a lanyard, or transported in a small bag or backpack. Ping supports a variety of common question types, including true-false, yes-no, and multiple-choice. It integrates with software designed for higher ed classrooms. LED notifications confirm the answer was properly received.

Video Production App
Version 2.0 of Broadcast Pix’s iPixPanel app for the iPad can control any Broadcast Pix video production system to create professional live video. The user can switch between multiple cameras, add video clips, CG graphics, and more. The latest version of the app has a three-axis joystick, rotary knobs, and customizable commands to aid in positioning, sizing, and cropping of live video. It works on all generations of the iPad.

Amplifying Audio
Specifically designed for above-ceiling audio devices in classrooms or conference rooms, Roemtech’s PlenumAmp PMA-350 plenum-rated mixer/amplifier has three inputs, external volume control, a public address system override, and a green sleep mode. It also comes with Auto-HummBuster technology, designed to automatically suppress noise that sometimes infiltrates classroom audio systems. The amplifier is compatible with the optional external wall volume control.

Manage BYOD
IdentityConnect, an identity-based, device registration solution from Impulse Point, helps deploy and maintain BYOD management. It is able to automatically identify personal devices connecting to the network and associate the user’s identity to newly assigned IP addresses. IdentityConnect can associate a single user to their multiple devices, applying bandwidth allocation or firewall settings by user and across all their devices. The software can identify users using a variety of device types, such as Windows, OS X, iOS, or Android, and it automatically self-enrolls guests to network access.