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What's New: AV Products for Higher Ed

University Business, June 2013

Connectivity Options

Hitachi’s CP-X5022WN projector, from its Collegiate Series line, offers 5,000 lumens of brightness and network compatibility via wired or wireless connection. The projector’s Perfect Fit 2 feature enables the user to adjust the image’s individual corners and sides separately. It provides many audiovisual connectivity options, including HDMI; component, composite, and S-video inputs, with RGB inputs and outputs; audio connections; and an RS-232C port for integrated AV system control.


Teaming Up

The Teaming Table from Bretford is built for small learning groups. It features a large monitor at one end and allows up to five students to connect and share screen content on their laptop or other mobile device. Each four-leg table includes a monitor mount, cord management and a Fluid Up Power System to charge any device. Locking casters allow for table mobility and glides support stationary installations of the table.


Creating Interactive Spaces

With Tidebreak’s ClassSpot PBL, students and teachers can share control of a team computer screen or any of the main classroom screens from their seats. Students can send digital content to any of the main classroom screens. Outside of class hours, a ClassSpot PBL space can support student project work with multiple TeamSpot locations. Archived materials can be captured, accessed, and imported throughout the class session and then preserved for later access.


Outdoor Audio

Made for stadiums and other outdoor venues, Technomad’s PowerChiton and its new companion product, the BreakoutBox XL, gives end users and systems integrators more audio options. The amplifier is available in four power levels up to 1,600 watts and can be installed on light poles and other surfaces at any height for colocation with loudspeakers. The BreakoutBox XL adds three expansion bays for up to three wireless microphones and/or master audio playout systems. Storage space allows locking up and leaving devices following an event.


Smart Microphone

Each of Vaddio’s TRIO SmartMIC system models is equipped with an array of three electret condenser microphones positioned to form a 360-degree pickup pattern. This technology is based on the microphone’s ability to actively manage the room’s live audio for gain, gating, and echo cancellation. Once detected, the microphone will adjust and mix down to a single output. Because the intelligence is inside the microphone, any mixer can be used in a live collaboration application for audio conferencing.


Protecting Equipment

Schneider Electric’s Audiovisual Surge Protectors prevent damage to expensive equipment during power outages and shortages. They also warn users of wiring problems like improper grounds that could cause shocks or prevent adequately suppressing surges. If the surge components are damaged due to power spike or over voltage, excess power cannot reach your equipment, preventing further damage.


Brighter Images

Panasonic’s PT-DZ13K projector offers a range of 10,600 and 12,000 lumens of brightness and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. The new model has active 3D projection capabilities, and its dual lamp system enables continuous operation even if one lamp fails during an important performance.  The projector’s lens memory function saves settings, such as zoom, focus, and lens shift. It can be mounted in portrait mode when used with an optional lamp.


Sharing Lecture Capture

Crestron’s CaptureLiveHD records and distributes lecture content from the classroom, training lab, or boardroom so the audience can access it at anytime. The software broadcasts speeches, lectures, and training sessions for live viewing and streams to popular open-source media sites for anywhere viewing from an internet-connected desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The recordings can be enhanced with related content from other sources, such as computers and Blu-ray players.


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