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University Business, Nov 2006

Bigger (video windows), better (security), faster (or slower-now users can control playback) all apply to Mediasite 4.0 from Sonic Foundry. In addition to larger video and slide windows and the ability to control playback speed, authors can now add chapters to their content for faster navigation. Security enhancements include Secure FTP, the ability to keep internal and external users separate, content security so presentations cannot be passed to unauthorized users, and the ability to grant permission for certain presentations and functions. Other upgrades include reports that provide a real-time snapshot of all live and on-demand viewers, as well as detailed statistics of users' specific viewing activity for each presentation, a Recorder Control Center for remote trouble shooting, and the ability to integrate Mediasite links into course or content management systems-all for $19,950. Visit

QiWAVE is a new cashless vending system that can be retrofitted to existing machines, including snack machines, parking lot barricades, laundry, and photocopiers. QI Systems offers both custom and off-the-shelf models, which can cost as little as $100 per unit. The contactless card system, which is based on HID's chip platform, can increase transaction speed and convenience for the user, reduce or eliminate cash handling, reduce machine maintenance, and extend card life by eliminating mechanical contact between the card and the reader. Card options include using existing student ID cards and drawing from a linked account; loading the card with prepaid credit; or obtaining a separate machine to issue dedicated prepaid cards. For more information, visit

There is no worry about the CP-X068 wandering off. It is equipped with a transition detector, a sensor that recognizes when the projector is moved from its fixed position. Once this happens, an alert is immediately sent via e-mail to the IT department and the projector automatically locks up and is completely inoperable. The only way to unlock the projector is with a PIN code. And, it has a brightness of 4000 ANSI lumens and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. It displays images via a 1.5x zoom lens and features horizontal and vertical lens shift. A LAN network connection allows the unit to be remotely controlled and maintained using Hitachi's proprietary PJMan and PJCtrl software. Other security features include a security bar and Kensington slot. Suggested retail price is $9,995. Find out more at

The ability to automatically burn and print up to 20 discs per job is possible with the Bravo SE Disc Publisher from Primera. A robotic arm transports a disc to the drive for recording, to the inkjet printer where it prints direct-to-disc and places finished discs in an output bin. It works with either Windows XP/2000 or Mac OS X and comes with duplication and label-making software. The cost is $1,495. Visit

Zoomerang, an online provider of survey tools, has created an Education Resource Center. Users of can view sample surveys, learn surveying techniques, and find tips, such as how to keep surveys short and focused. The zPro for Education product, which allows users to send out an unlimited number of surveys, provides customizable templates or build their own surveys (which can be saved online), the ability to e-mail the survey or link to a web page, and real-time reports in graph form. Education pricing is $350 per year. If there are fewer than 100 respondents, professors can send a survey for free. Learn more at

Administrators looking to run an online auction fundraiser but don't know where to start should check out cMarket. The company guides nonprofits step-by-step in setting up an auction, has a selection of items to offer for bid, and can provide advice on items and auction length. Buttons allow donors to bid, donate cash, or donate items. The service costs $695 for an unlimited number of auctions for one year, plus 9 percent of net proceeds from all auctions combined, up to the first $75,000 raised. See it in action at

Maplesoft has converted The Mathematics Survival Kit book into an interactive electronic format, covering 115 topics from algebra to integral calculus. The text is written in a conversational manner with 10-minute refreshers, exercises that provide hints to achieve the correct answer, and a "more to explore" section with hundreds of questions and assessments students can use to reinforce concepts. Resources, such as learning tools and a tutor, are also available. The software costs $29. Users must have Maple 10, which can be downloaded for $99. Learn more at

The new 1U and 2U rack and tower servers from Gateway are designed to provide performance, lower power consumption, greater dependability, and higher value to the data center than previous models. A new feature allows customers to remotely shut down or restart their servers, regardless of its power condition, using a standard network connection, web browser, and a dedicated management port on the servers. The servers come with a dual-core processor from Intel and can be configured with both SAS and SATA drives. The E-9425R is the 1U model with four hot-swap SATA and SAS hard drives. It offers 32GB of maximum memory. The E-9525R is the 2U model, supporting six hot-swap SATA and SAS hard drives, with 32GB of maximum memory. Pricing starts at $1,849 for the E-9425R and $1,899 for the E-9525R. Read more at

Adobe has released Acrobat 8. Significant changes include a new tasked-based user interface, the ability to enable digital signatures from Adobe Reader, automated forms data collection, the ability to share reviews, and a one-click connection to real-time web conferencing. The Pro version is $159.

Other Adobe announcements include new education pricing of $295 for Acrobat 3D and a name change for its web collaboration tool; Breeze is now Acrobat Connect, and individual users can get an online "room" for $39 per month or $395 per year. They can invite 15 participants, and use screen sharing, chat, notes, and whiteboard features. The Pro version of Connect now supports VoIP. Pricing is done by site licensing. Learn all the features at

There is a new interactive whiteboard on the block. The LeaderBoard comes in 62- and 77-inch sizes, has a multimedia pen for mouse functions, and works with Windows and Mac. The LB62 is $1,399 and the LB77 is $1,599. It can be paired with the Air-Slate (above), a Bluetooth-enabled wireless slate that can be used to control the LeaderBoard. It also comes with a multimedia pen and sells for $499. Dukane ships both units with Virtual WhiteBoard software. See them at

Revised and updated, the VZ-8 light2 document camera from Wolfvision features real-time motion, high-speed auto focus, 24x zoom, automatic image flip, and a reflection-free working surface. The unit folds to 4.8 inches high for storage, the camera arm can move 90 degrees, and up to nine images can be stored. It retails for $3,790. The VZ-8 plus2 model, $4,740, includes a remote control and 16:9 widescreen format. See them at

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