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University Business, January 2013

Build Your Own Display

Christie MicroTiles

Christie MicroTiles are rear projection cube units that can be built together into a large video wall-style display. Because of the building-block design, institutions can create and display images and information in any size and shape. A MicroTile unit can display multiple pictures and videos simultaneously for instruction or digital signage with a customized structure holding the display securely in place. The tiles’ color and resolution make the display viewable from many angles and distances.

Energy Saving Lighting Solution

Laredo LNC2

The Laredo LNC2 from Hubbell Lighting, designed with entry or perimeter security lighting applications in mind, produces 2419 lumens of brightness while consuming 29 watts of energy with 83 lumens per watt. Featuring a 4-to-1 spacing to mounting height ratio, the LNC2 requires fewer fixtures to deliver low energy, long life ambient lighting. It is available with a 120-volt photocontrol for energy-saving dusk-to-dawn applications. Designed for both recessed box or surface conduit wiring, the LNC2 features a quick-mount adapter and vandal-proof hardware.

Convertible Laptop

Toshiba Satellite U920t Ultrabook Convertible laptopToshiba’s Satellite U920t Ultrabook Convertible laptop is designed for Windows 8 and can convert into a portable tablet. From tablet mode, users can slide the 12.5-inch touchscreen display back and tilt it up to reveal an LED backlit raised tile keyboard and ClickPad with Windows 8 gesture support and use the device like a traditional Ultrabook. At 0.8 inches thin and weighing 3.2 pounds, it includes a range of connectivity options and tablet-like sensors.

Mobile Printing

Lantronix xPrintServer Office EditionDeveloped to provide a mobile printing solution for Apple iOS products such as the iPad or iPhone, the xPrintServer Office Edition enables printing directly from the native print menu of the device to virtually any existing network-connected or USB printers without any apps to download or software to install. Made by Lantronix, it features enhanced printer-user management, the ability to export print logs, and automatic printer discovery and provisioning.

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