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University Business, October 2012

Automatic Shredding

Swingline’s new Stack-and-Shred60X paper shredder has the ability to shred up to 60 stacked sheets of paper at one time. With automatic, hands-free shredding, its compact design takes up minimal desk or floor space, and was made to operate with limited sound. The shredder automatically rolls and feeds paper or even credit cards into the cutters, and it can shred without removing paper clips or staples. The Stack-and-Shred 60X retails for $300.




Hands-Free AV

The VoicePod from HouseLogix adds hands-free voice recognition and speech output capabilities to any Control4 system. Simple voice commands, such as “make the lights bright” or “listen to music,” initiate control functions from anywhere in a room, commands that VoicePod translates using wireless ZigBee technology. Priced at $599 per unit, the system can be used to control AV equipment, thermostats, lighting, and more. Rather than rely on internet servers to perform voice recognition and speech synthesis, VoicePod embeds all speech technology inside a small tabletop enclosure.

Campus Map App

CampusTours Inc. has released the new AnyTour 3.0 platform, which offers optimized HTML5 virtual tours and interactive maps for smartphones, tablets and other internet-capable devices. Universities can control all versions of the campus tours and maps by a single web-based content management system that gives them direct control over their presentations. AnyTour 3.0 works in the visitor’s browser, using HTML5 and JavaScript to deliver virtual campus tours and GPS-aware interactive maps. The program varies in price depending on the amount of features an institution desires.



First 20x20 Matric Switcher

As the industry’s first 20x20 matrix switcher with 4 HDMI and 16 HDBase, the LTHDMI2020E from Leaf features four back-panel HDMI outputs for in-rack or in-room video and audio connectivity. Sixteen HDBaseT LTB1E remote breakout units can receive audio and video from up to 52 potential sources, plus control data and Ethernet connectivity, up to 328 feet away. The switcher also comes with a zone lock feature that can lock a source to a particular zone to allow the passage of specific EDID data ensuring that the display and source correctly interact. The LTHDMI2020E is available for $15,000, plus $350 per LTB1E breakout unit.

Surveillance Solutions

Canon has introduced its first-ever line of Full HD IP Security cameras that come in four different sizes and technologies. All of the new cameras feature low-light performance, a Genuine Canon aspherical wide-angle zoom lens with optimal lens coating technology, a 2.1 megapixel 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen CMOS image sensor, and a pair of proprietary Canon DIGIC processors. The cameras start at $1,159 and go up to $2,899. Initial shipments are scheduled to begin in December.



Preventing Campus Assault

After its success on the iPhone, the preventative sexual assault app, Circle 6, is now available for Android. With 1 in 5 college women having experienced an assault, the app was created after candid conversations with students across the country on how consent, dating culture, and rape affect their lives and what strategies have proven most effective in preventing violence. With just two taps on their smartphones, threatened or abused students can connect to a network of trusted friends, using GPS technology, anti-violence hotlines, online resources, and a commitment to support each other. Circle of 6 is a free app available for the iPhone and Android.

Stackable Stand

Designed with the instructor and teacher in mind, the latest Belkin Tablet Stand is made of colorful, durable, non-slip material and enables multiple ergonomic angles for viewing or typing. The stand is designed to be stackable and compact, and it can also be used as a stable video recording stand. Also available is a stand with storage, which offers an integrated compartment where students can place supplies such as ear buds, device chargers, pencils, and markers under a secure-latch lid. The stands are also designed for better neck posture and comfort when using a tablet. The Belkin Tablet Stand is $25, or $40 with the storage option.


Multiprojector Control

Users of Hitachi’s new Projector Quick Connection iPad app can monitor and control multiple Hitachi projectors from a single iPad. The app has four pages—projector, contents, control, and settings—that allow for easy setup, selection, and management of various projectors and their displays. Advanced functions on the app can also prevent a projector from connecting to another iPad and can display content from up to four projectors on the same screen. Projectors must be equipped with a USB wireless adaptor to connect to the iPad. The Projector Quick Connection iPad app is a free download from the iTunes store.