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University Business, Jul 2004

Looking for a way to smooth the financial interaction between your institution and your students? Higher One has the answer with two new services: OneDisburse offers three options for refund receipt, while OneFinance is a suite of financial services, including a free checking account for those enrolled or employed at the institution. These services are said to reduce carding costs, offer a low-cost banking option for students, faculty, and staff, and give parents the ability to keep tabs on their students' finances. Pricing is based on volume. For more information, visit


From ELMO comes a new high resolution, XGA output document camera, the HV-C1000XG. Designed for ceiling-mounted applications, the camera is ideal for capturing detailed overhead images of documents, 3D objects, and blueprints. The HV-C1000XG features a 12X optical zoom with a 2X digital extender for close-ups, auto-focus, and full auto iris capability. It weighs 14.3 pounds and retails for $6,995. For more information, visit


Toshiba has introduced two new projectors: the TDP-S2OU ($999) and TDP-SW20U ($1,199). Both models boast 1,400 ANSI lumens, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and native SVGA 800 x 600 resolution. The TDP-SW2OU features wireless connectivity options, which enables faster setup time and more presentation flexibility. It also offers on-the-go users the option of delivering a "PC-free" presentation by switching a Type II storage card with the wireless card. For more information, visit


Improve in-class engagement with DyKnow's VISION 3.1, an enhanced version of the company's collaboration software designed to streamline the way lessons are authored and received. New features include a PowerPoint Import tool (to incorporate PowerPoint slides directly into VISION 3.1); Footnotes, which allows users to make private, confidential notes in a separate text area; and Screen Grab, to capture content from any application and paste it into any DyKnow notebook. Pricing varies. For more information, visit


From Talisma comes a new multi-channel CRM solution, the Talisma CRM Suite for Higher Education. Designed to enable users to manage and track the student life cycle--from admissions and recruitment to retention, alumni relations, continued education, and fundraising-- the suite uses an integrated, scalable "Constituent Interaction Hub" and a tool kit of real-time communication products. Some users of the software include Florida State University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Indiana State University. Talisma's CRM solutions start at $75,000 and are available in a licensed or rented model. For more information, visit


AMX Corporation has further advanced its MAX digital content server platform, which was designed to store, manage, and distribute high quality digital audio and video data. Whereas MAX used to operate as a music or multimedia server, it is now being sold as a separate entity that stores both audio and video content. New features include the ability to communicate with at least 25 AVM devices simultaneously and an improvement in the way users download, select, and replay content. Pricing has yet to be determined. For more information, visit


On most campuses over 75 percent of students admit to some cheating, according to the Center for Academic Integrity ( With AntiCheat from Word Kitchen, instructors no longer have to worry about their students looking over at their neighbors' paper. AntiCheat allows users to generate an unlimited number of test versions with separate answer keys. The program takes exams that are produced via a word processor and shuffles the questions and answers (for multiple-choice exams). The modular design of the source code allows easy creation of interfaces for other languages. Pricing for AntiCheat ranges from $200 to $500. For more information and to download a free trial version, visit


IBM has welcomed two new additions to its projector family: the 2.4-pound featherweight M400 and the 4.6-pound E400. Delivering 60 percent better contrast than its predecessor does, the M400 features DLP technology, which includes tiny mirrors that reflect light through a spinning color wheel. The E400, which also offers DLP technology, features a contrast ratio of 1500:1, 1300 lumens, and ceiling mounting capabilities. The M400 retails for $1,849 while the E400 retails for $1,049. For more information, visit


Hitachi Software's new StarBoard 15XL and its built-in StarBoard Software allow teachers and presenters to operate and annotate computer applications from the pen-driven StarBoard display. The annotated images can be displayed on rear projection or plasma displays, or any size traditional screens using LCD projectors. The systems are ideal for classrooms, auditorium podiums, and mobile presentations when used in conjunction with laptop computers. And, when connected to a Web cam and microphone, the system can be used for videoconferencing. Prices start at $1,795. For more information, visit


From Navitar comes the Navitar 10K, a high-intensity, processor-controlled slide projector that uses metal halide lamp technology, providing 5,900 lumens of light output. In addition, the Navitar 10K provides full RS-232 operation, random slide access compatibility, and enhanced corner illumination. Designed for use in large auditoriums and lecture halls, the Navitar is available for $9,200. For more information, visit


The expanded Oracle Student System, a component of the Oracle E-Business Suite from Oracle Corporation, better manages the full life cycle of students, faculty, and staff by streamlining access to appropriate information, expanding instant transactional capabilities, and enhancing communication with existing and prospective students. The Oracle Student System now boasts more than 70 new features, including a new security framework and expanded enrollment wait listing and reserved seating capabilities. For information on pricing, visit


SMART Technologies Inc. has launched its Rear Projection SMART Board 4000i interactive whiteboard, a touch-sensitive and shadow-free display that is powered by an integrated SXGA+ projector. The 4000i also boasts a 1400x 1050 resolution, a contrast ratio of 1100:1, a 2,500-lumen projector, and a 7,000-hour lamp. The 4000i is designed for command-and-control, simulation, research, design, and broadcast applications. It retails for $29,999. For more information, visit