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University Business, Jan 2011

e2Campus' uTip service from Omnilert enables campus constituents and community residents to report suspicious activity or crime incidents by sending a short message service (SMS) text message. Made to work in conjunction with e2Campus, uTip can deliver anonymous tips sent from a standard cell phone to public safety or campus police's mobile phones and e-mail accounts. Current e2Campus customers can set up the service for either anonymous alerts or auditable alerts. Tipsters do not have to register with uTip or e2Campus to send messages. Introductory pricing starts at $195 a year for a campus population of 5,000 or less. Learn more at


TimeKeeping Systems' PIPE II, an upgraded version of this guard tour reader, has a longer battery life and is made to be more rugged to handle deterrents or tampering. It is also capable of detecting and recording these occurrences. To confirm and document that officers are carrying out their patrols, PIPE II can read touch memory buttons placed in locations where patrolling is required. Plus, the device can send out signal reminders for personnel to begin a patrol, with a choice of different time settings. The reader also can be used in safety inspections. It costs $495. Visit

The American Council on Education has developed "Preparing Leaders for the Future," a free online toolkit to help senior higher ed leaders recognize and develop future leaders at their institution today. The toolkit can aid administrators in identifying emerging officials on their campuses and nurturing their potential. Resources include model practices from various institutions, a listing of leadership development programs, and institutional policy checklists. "The Joys of the Presidency" video features interviews with 10 various senior-level administrators. The toolkit is a project of the Spectrum Initiative, a multiyear collaborative effort to diversify and broaden executive leadership talent. Find it at


NEC Display Solutions' three new Portable Series projectors were made to be eco-friendly. These wired network (and wireless optional) projectors consist of a maintenance-free cabinet design with both the lamp (in eco mode) and filter being able to last up to 6,000 hours. Energy-saving measures include a carbon savings meter, quick startup, and direct power off. A USB Viewer lets presentations with JPEG images appear using a flash drive. The closed-captioned projectors also have HDMI and USB inputs, a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, and various correction capabilities. The projectors differ on lumens and native resolution. An optional IEEE801.11n connection is available. Pricing is $799 for the M260X, $849 for the M260W, and $899 for the M300X. Visit


Awareity's TIPS (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services) is a set of tools for prevention and invention teams to document actions and responses to incidents. The service aids in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act's new amendments by providing incident management tools. Threat assessment team members can use these tools to assign incident reports to the Clery Act's appropriate categories for reporting obligations. These tools can also help members understand their roles in emergency policies and procedures. Incident reports are stored in a database that authorized campus personnel can access or search as needed. For the remainder of 2010, TIPS will be included in Awareity's MOAT (Managed Ongoing Awareness and Trust) suite. Afterward, pricing is by per user/annual license fee and averages less than $4 per month. Visit

The Federal Calculator Builder from Student Aid Services can aid in improving the accuracy of the Department of Education's calculator template. The online tool conducts an overall analysis of an institution's raw aid-award data and regularizes atypical awards, such as students who withdraw after one semester, and makes adjustments where needed for more accurate aid estimates. It then completes the federal template's grant and price of attendance look-up tables to produce a calculator for the institution's website. Pricing can range between $2,000 and $2,500. Visit


The newest version of the Student Early Alert System has some enhancements with its reporting methods, performance, and workflow to help in student retention. The web-based tool's focal point is a Comprehensive Communication Process that contains four steps for detecting at-risk students early on based on 50 core criteria selections. Advisors can select and sort data to track and report on contacts with these students as well as receive alerts about their academic performance. Pricing is based upon the number of full-time enrolled students and license fees. It starts from $10,000, plus maintenance and support. Subscription-based pricing is also available, beginning at $1,000 per month. Learn more at

iParadigms has released Turnitin2, the latest version of its evaluation solution for preventing unintended plagiarism in students' work. Users can now view and interact with a paper via a "smart image" that preserves the paper's original format while the material is being screened. The solution's web-based tools are then applied to a digital image of the paper to conduct reference checks. Other enhancements include a streamlined management interface for checking all assignments, easier access to grading rubrics, and an originality report that can drill down overlapping sources. English and Spanish versions are currently available. Turnitin2 costs approximately $2 per student per year. Visit