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University Business, Mar 2010

InFocus has released five new entry-level-priced projectors in the IN2100 and IN3100 series that provide high brightness and rich features. The models in each series offer either 3,000 or 3,500 lumens, carry widescreen models, and have more zoom lens capabilities. They share an eco-mode setting and various resolutions, including WUXGA (1900 x 1200) and possess DLP technology and BrilliantColor implementation for vivid colors. Starting at $599, the IN2100 series contains two computer and assignable audio inputs for multiple presenters, security features, and a networking option for easier projector management. Also, the IN3100 projectors support wireless options and allow for conducting presentations without a PC. The line starts at $1,499. Check the projectors out at


The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is designed to be ergonomically friendly and portable. It positions a laptop at a 12-degree angle to support the keyboard and better dissipate heat from the laptop by allowing airflow underneath it. The stand is crafted from four lightweight aluminum plates, which are made of Hylite for flexibility and can be folded flat for easy storage and traveling. The thin, lightweight stand can accommodate nearly any netbook or laptop—even 17-inch wide models. It costs $79.95. Visit

VFA has released an updated version of its web-based survey that enables facility managers to better collect facility-centric data that identifies which areas require urgent attention and to jumpstart capital planning/budget estimates. Enhancements in VFA.auditor 2.0 include assessment surveys that can be tailored to target specific building systems for more accurate data and maintenance reporting and capital planning, as well as more information for designing a building system lifecycle. The web-based surveys capture building lifecycle and deficiency and corrective action data, as well as calculating maintenance estimates. Pricing is based on the square footage and particulars of each project. Learn more at


Extron has released WallVault Systems, a family of A/V switching and control systems designed strictly for use with wall mounted short-throw projectors and flat panel displays. The systems use twisted-pair technology (cable that uses small twisted pairs of wires in a common jacket) to transmit signals and provide network connectivity for web-based asset management, monitoring, and control. The units provide the materials needed for proper setup and operation, ranging from speakers and mounting hardware and cabling to switches and system control. Users provide the rest: video projector, screen or flat panel display, etc. Pricing starts at $3,590. Learn more at

Enrollment Insights by Quantrix helps administrators to better project student enrollment through a multidimensional model that can populate specific data quicker. This pre-made set of models does the legwork by creating multiple "what if" scenarios and dashboards to provide clearer results, thus leading to better decision making in budgeting and strategic planning. Versions designed for private institutions and community colleges are available. Onsite or online training from consultants is available. Pricing begins at $10,000, which includes licenses and services. Learn more at

Identity Finder has updated three versions of its sensitive data leakage protection software. For IT administrators, the Identity Finder Enterprise Console 4.1 now performs centralized reporting and administration of Identity Finder Enterprise Client for Windows and Mac. The solution provides policy management and scheduling on demand for clients. Lifetime site licenses start at $5,000. Identity Finder for Windows 4.1 has an enhanced AnyFind engine feature that searches automatically for personal data such as Social Security numbers and credit cards. Searching has been expanded to include many compressed files and e-mail attachments. A scrub feature removes sensitive data by replacing it with other characters. Annual licensing is $19.95 per seat and less for volume purchases. Lifetime licenses are also available. Also, Identity Finder for Mac 2.1 has similar features as its Windows counterpart except it focuses just on searching files. Annual licensing is $9.95 per seat. Visit

mClk by Acadium provides an alternative to checking out and maintaining clickers for classroom response systems. The product is short message service-based and allows students to use cell phones in place of handheld devices to respond to an instructor's questions. Students text a few characters to a designated short code. Supported by a web application, mClk can be operated via a computer with internet access. Responses can be tallied in real-time on the service's website or through a PowerPoint presentation. Charts and graphs can be created to illustrate students' responses. There are two pricing options: $10 per student for a semester/$27 for a full calendar year; or students can pay for the service themselves by phone at $9.99 per month. Visit


The CP-DW10N 3LCD projector by Hitachi was made to be a good fit for presentations on interactive whiteboards, with a template that can make writing easier. With a short-throw distance of three feet, the projector can project an 80-inch image while at the same time eliminate obstruction in front of the screen. It also can be managed through a LAN network connection and has WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio. Ideal for campus notifications, a messenger function can transmit text data from a remote computer to the projector so that a message can be displayed. Security features such as a PIN lock and a transition detector help prevent unauthorized access. The projector also has a hybrid filter and 10 watt audio output. It costs $1,795. Visit

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