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University Business, May 2009

3DVinci has released the Google SketchUp 7 Hands On book series. The tutorial books on Google SketchUp version 7 for colleges, universities, and technical programs offer step-by-step, illustrated project exercises that reinforce every aspect of the latest 3D model-making software. They consist of a student course book and an accompanying instructor guide, covering basics for first-time users as well as advanced modeling and presentation techniques for experienced users. Both sets of books can be purchased in color and black and white printed versions as well as in PDF format. Pricing starts at $59.95. Bookstore and bulk pricing is available. Visit


Wiggio has launched, a free website that provides students with a home page for group collaboration on academic projects, social clubs, and extracurricular group activities. Users can start up new groups, create polls, and schedule meetings via conference call or chat room. Members can log in to their group with their e-mail address. A calendar feature keeps track of meetings, deadlines, and events and can send out reminders by text message and/or e-mail. The website also can be linked to Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and iCal calendars. Group files can be kept in one main folder, and subfolders can be created to organize documents, spreadsheets, and photos. Files can also be edited. Learn more at

Moodlerooms has announced that, an open-source learning management system, is now integrated with Google Apps Education Edition. Users can create an account in Moodle that will, in turn, automatically create an account in Google Apps Education Edition as well. Users can then log in to both applications through a single sign-on, viewing Gmail and accessing resources from within Moodle. By clicking on a link in Moodle, users will be taken to their Google Apps without having to sign in again. Once in Google Apps, users can easily navigate back to Moodle through a link in Google Apps. Access to this integration is free and available by download. Visit


Acer America’s X270 business desktop PC series has been designed to take up less desk space and run on less power to reduce consumption, heat, and noise. Each PC in the series has nine USB 2.0 ports for connecting to anything from printers and flash drives to voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones. The PCs run on Intel processors, come with an HDMI port, offer high-definition audio and video, and provide a LAN connection. Administrators can manage a device and fix systems remotely and perform security updates even if the machine is turned off. Pricing for the series begins at $399. Visit