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University Business, Feb 2009

The BelAir20 Access Point from BelAir Networks is designed to centrally manage and provide seamless broadband wireless internet access inside major building locations as well as outdoors. As part of a Wi-Fi infrastructure, the ultracompact device is powered by dual-radio, dual-band 802.11n, providing the newest standard for faster wireless connectivity. Available in both single and dual radio options, the device can be powered over Ethernet and can be positioned in a number of ways, ranging from desk to wall to ceiling. It integrates with the service provider’s back office for service and maintenance and also offers cost-saving benefits, including an estimated 40 percent reduction in the time needed for installation. The list price is $1,195. Learn more at

The Canon imageFORMULA DR-7090C Universal Production Scanner sports a two-way design that offers both flatbed and sheetfed scanning. The scanner can handle high-volume batch jobs with up to 70 pages per minute in color, grayscale, or black and white. It also is capable of one-pass duplex document scanning, estimated at up to 88 images per minute. through the use of the flatbed, the device can scan everything from bound books to thick or fragile documents. It offers color correction and an advanced text enhancement mode and has a separating mechanism to eliminate the possibility of jams during feedings. Up to 99 customizable scan-to-job settings can be programmed. Priced at $6,995, the scanner has a 600 dpi optical resolution and comes with CapturePerfect 3.0 software, dual USB 2.0 ports, and an SCSI-III interface. Visit

Sharp’s new PG-F255W WXGA projector ($1,495) uses DLP BrilliantColor technology to deliver accurate and vibrant color reproduction for more realistic-looking images. This technology enables up to a 50 percent increase in mid-tones and offers an expanded color palette. Weighing just over 6 pounds, the projector can be set up for ceiling, table, or cart mounting or used in rear-projection mode. A built-in network connection with an RJ-45 LAN Connector allows for remote control and access by a web browser for diagnostics and e-mail status updates. The projector can display full 720p from HD sources for a 1280x800 (16:10 aspect ratio) WXGA resolution. It has a number of input and output options and features for easy setup and operation and recalling preferred picture settings. Sharp Display Manager software is available by download at no cost and aids in managing multiple projectors remotely. Visit

Kognito Interactive and the Mental Health Association of New York City have developed At-Risk, a web-based training simulation in which faculty and staff can actively learn how to recognize students who might be suffering from mental distress. A user assumes the role of a fictional faculty member as he evaluates six students in his classroom, analyzing their profiles and engaging in simulated conversations with them. The user then decides whether and how to refer them to the campus counseling center. At-Risk is sold on a per-user basis, with yearly licenses starting at $19.95 per user and discounts offered for large purchases. Learn more at

Weighing just over 6 pounds and with 2000 lumens brightness, Sanyo’s PLC-XW57 3LCD projector was designed to simplify presentations. A 3D Automatic Uniformity Correction Control circuit balances uneven color and brightness levels to ensure an accurate image. A short-throw digital zoom lens enables an image up to 100 inches diagonally to be projected from a range of 11 to 14 feet. The blackboard (green color) mode enables a classroom blackboard to serve as a screen. Two setup modes let the device either project an image as soon as the power is turned on, or wait until its 200-watt UHP lamp reaches sufficient brightness first. Users can also disconnect the projector from its power cord without having to wait for the lamp to cool down. A PIN code lock function and a key lock function are safeguards. It has a full suite of inputs, including USB, and is compatible with a number of analog computer input resolutions. The cost is $895. Visit

Neopost’s new Intelligent System mailing series includes six models that can accurately sort, weigh, and process mail, and calculate correct postage. Each model varies in features and processing speeds. The IS-330, a desktop system, has automatic date setting, a built-in weighing platform, and programmable jobs. A pin-code authorization feature helps control usage and sets allocations by department or individual user. Also a desktop system, the IS-350 can automatically upload any updates to postal service rates as well as software enhancements. Four models are digital-based mailing systems. The IS-420 can be set to embed the mail class die to automatically print the correct class. The IS-440 can be connected to a PC for installing mail accounting software to track postage for reporting and maintaining mail accounting data. The IS-460 can eliminate errors with a host of smart functions and has an easy-to-follow menu structure. The IS-480 has a “Load ‘n Go” feature that allows for envelopes of various sizes and formats to be placed into the mixed-size, self-aligning feeder. A touchscreen offers a host of smart functions and easy-to-follow menu prompts. The series starts at $46.95. Visit

The Extreme Series IP Cameras from Bosch Security Systems are designed to deliver strong IP surveillance in various lighting conditions and locations. The six models in the series also offer advanced optics, active infrared illumination, and onboard Intelligent Video Analysis. The EX30, EX80, EX82, and EX85 are all-weather outdoor IP cameras, for perimeter and general surveillance, and have Black Diamond night vision to produce clear images in environments where little or no light is available. They use high-signal, low-noise video, reducing network bandwidth and storage requirements. The EX7 and EX36 are designed for use in places that require specific surveillance needs. They have a No Grip design, which prevents people from pulling on or hanging from the cameras, and the cast aluminum construction withstands vandalism. Pricing varies per model, with the EX7 beginning at $1,883. Check them out at

TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio 6 enables users to create HD-quality videos that can be screened online through shared video sites or on portable media devices at a compact file size. Screencasts are bandwidth efficient, can be loaded quickly, and can deliver rich media content. A new recorder captures full-screen videos and remembers settings for faster re-recordings. The software has a number of new features for editing video. Seven customizable hotkeys provide shortcuts for cutting down on editing time. Audio and video tracks can be decoupled so they can be edited separately., TechSmith’s online hosting service, makes it simple to get videos from the software to the web and comes with 2GB of free storage and 2GB of monthly bandwidth. Education pricing is $179 for a single user license and $96.85 to upgrade. Visit

TG has unveiled List Assist, a free online tool designed to aid financial aid officers in developing objective recommended lender lists. The tool creates electronic surveys or requests for information that can be e-mailed to contacts for evaluation and selection. Lenders’ names and IDs are hidden until the survey is finalized. Administrators can tabulate responses for comparing and evaluating results. A list of customized questions is offered to help users get started. Or users can create their own questions. Surveys can also be saved for future reuse. Visit

Newton Software Solutions has unveiled the Multifunctional Interactive Campus Security Kiosk. Designed for indoor or outdoor use in common areas, the kiosk offers a combination of audio, text, and visual means for displaying messages in more than one format. In the case of an emergency, for example, the device can be configured to send out a pre-recorded message via its speaker system, light up a flashing emergency beacon, and display text on an interactive computer screen?all at once. Eligible users can log in to the system from any internet-connected device to activate this feature. A “proactive” security button informs campus security and other recipients immediately via text message or e-mail if there is an emergency. The kiosk uses Touch ‘N Go, a custom software that enables users to find their way around campus and obtain campus-related information. Pricing can range from $7,000 to $25,000 depending on certain factors. Leasing options are available. Visit

Corel VideoStudio Pro X2 offers more features for creating and editing high-definition videos, slideshows, and DVDs. The Painting Creator feature lets users paint, draw, and write on their videos during recording, while the new Creative Content Pack includes overlay objects, frames, Flash animations, and HD-quality menu templates. The software allows for directly importing from Apple’s iPod Classic, outputting video to Apple’s iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch, as well as uploading video on YouTube with ease. Plus, BDMV files can now be transferred directly from AVCHD or Blu-ray camcorders; videos can be burned to Blu-ray discs in single or dual-layer format. With Smart Proxy editing, users can edit HD content easily at a faster speed by working with video in a low-resolution format so that few system resources are required. Educational pricing is $59.99. Volume discounts are available through the Corel Transactional License Program. Visit

The SMART Board 660i, 680i, and 685i interactive whiteboard systems from SMART Technologies are capable of being remotely diagnosed and managed and of displaying bright, crisp video or images while reducing shadowing and glare. Each of the series’ three models consists of an interactive whiteboard and a boom-mounted, short-throw projector. The SB660i version has a 64-inch diagonal board, while the SB680i has a 77-inch board (both have a 4:3 aspect ratio). The widescreen SB685i?with a 16:10 aspect ratio?has an 87-inch board. Each projector delivers 2000 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. An extended control panel allows users to plug in devices such as document cameras, laptops, and other A/V equipment. The projector bulbs last about 3,000 hours in standard mode and 4,000 hours in economy mode. The series is compatible with SMART Meeting Pro conferencing software and can be operated with a stylus pen, pointing device or just a finger. Education pricing starts at $3,079. Check them out at

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