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University Business, Sep 2008

Tecom Electronics has released two new lecterns. The TechPod Presenter ($6,450) is designed to pack about every audiovisual device a lecturer could want into one lectern. Its height can be raised or lowered just by pressing a single button, thanks to electronically controlled hydraulic lifts. Its interactive screen enables speakers to add text to their notes directly on the screen—over any image or presentation—and save those notes for later use. Shown above, the TechPod Workstation ($3,995) is a compact cabinet structure that can be mounted beneath a desk or table or even placed within a podium. Its door can be locked to safeguard AV equipment, while its control panel allows for switching between different sources with ease. Both presenters meet ADA requirements. Check out the new lecterns at


Panasonic Projector Systems Company’s PT-F200U and PT-F200NTU projectors are designed for fixed installation. Both models have wide vertical and horizontal lens-shift ranges and a 2x powered-zoom lens, allowing them to be easily placed on a ceiling or shelf and near existing AC power and/or wired network connections. An Auto Rolling Filter detects and fixes any reduced airflow caused by dust buildup and contamination. Both projectors have closed captioning and contain a direct power off, rear-access for easy lamp replacement, and an easy-to-use remote control with a built-in laser pointer. Their lamp drive system provides up to 5,000 hours of lamp life. The PT-F200NTU is WLAN equipped, so it can be connected to multiple PCs without any cables. The use of a router or a wide area network is not necessary, and up to 128 different PCs can be connected simultaneously. The PT-F200NTU costs $4,499, the PT-F200U, $3,999. Go to

The Lumens DC260 portable visual presenter contains a high-performance application processor for delivering top-notch multimedia displays. Users can record full-frame audio and video presentations and store them to an external SD memory card, then transfer them to a computer via a USB 2.0 connection. The presenter can hold up to 240 JPEG images internally. Images and video clips can be viewed as a slideshow on a connected HDTV, PC monitor, or projection screen. Other features include 1080p HDMI output, an audio/video processor for full-frame video recording, a built-in microphone, 3x optical zoom, SXGA output with extended gooseneck, and a double lamp design. The presenter is available for $999. Visit


The Conettix D6100i Communications Receiver/Gateway from Bosch Security Systems uses existing internet or intranet structures to deliver messages between control panels and security monitoring stations at a higher speed, eliminating the need for dedicated phone lines for primary communications. With IP support, the D6100i can handle up to 3,200 accounts for receiving simultaneous LAN or WAN communications, enabling public switch telephone networks to be used as a backup. Monitoring signals can be programmed for sending at a rate ranging from five seconds to 21 minutes. A central station operator can be alerted if there is cause for alarm due to messages being replayed or substituted. Able to be installed in limited spaces, the receiver is available for $3,120. Visit


It’s signage directly from the box. The DSM3210 Digital Signage Multimedia display from Viewsonic is a complete signage solution designed for small to mid-size installations in areas where public messaging is used. The combination of a 32-inch multimedia LCD TV with digital signage software lets users easily design and develop content and schedule the timing and distribution. The system has multiple inputs to connect to many electronic devices, such as computers, DVD players, and HD video cameras, or even a live HDTV terrestrial broadcast. It contains an HDTV tuner, HDMI inputs, and a VGA connection. Built-in monitoring diagnostics ensure that displays operate seamlessly 24/7. The solution is available for $999. Learn more at

WorldAPP’s Key Survey 7.0 has a number of new features for creating, deploying, and analyzing online surveys. E-mail Reminder now enables users to send e-mails for uncompleted surveys to only specific responders, instead of a “send-to-all respondents” format. Rollover call outs allow for responders to better determine their selection for answers and data analysis. An ST tag now inserts the survey’s title into invitation e-mails. In addition, administrators can customize a survey’s design by using resources from the software’s library or incorporating their own graphics, such as a school logo or colors. Procedures for data collection, analysis, and integration now include more statistical calculations for reports and graphs and more comprehensive filtering for numeric data. Users may access survey results remotely and view data in real time. A free 30-day trial is available. Multiuser subscriptions range from $10,000 to $89,900, based on various requirements. Learn more at


The WL6700U WXGA projector from Mitsubishi Digital Electronics can enhance video-conferencing sessions by creating side-by-side images that can incorporate both a live video feed and simultaneous presentations on the same screen. The widescreen projector has three 1.2-inch 3LCD inorganic panels that use 5000 lumens to deliver high brightness and wide format imaging. A DVI connector offers many options for HD connectivity. A built-in, motion-sensitive anti-theft alarm will sound off with a 120-decibel high pitch if the projector is moved. The projector costs $9,995. The XD500U-ST, an XGA-resolution short-throw projector, placed close to a screen or whiteboard, is still able to present a relatively large picture. With 2000 lumens and a 2500:1 contrast ratio, the filter-free projector produces a wider color spectrum with its six-segment color wheel, while its lamp system automatically adjusts light output to produce vibrant color. Other features include a splash screen, password protection, and reinforced anti-theft security bar. It is available for $1,299. Visit

Smarthinking’s StraighterLine provides an online option for outsourcing general education courses. The service is offered by contract, in which IHEs seeking new students agree to award credit to students who have completed courses offered through the service. These students may then choose an institution to complete their degrees. IHEs seeking to enroll their own students in these courses may do so at a discount from the consumer price. Each course comes with up to 10 hours of one-on-one instruction and can be completed any time within six months. Students pay $399 per course. Discounts are available for IHEs enrolling their own students. Visit

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