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University Business, Jul 2008

<b>Lenovo</b>'s <em>ThinkCentre M57</em> and <em>M57P</em> "Eco" ultra small desktop PCs are quite environmentally friendly. They possess GreenGuard certification, meaning they have low chemical emissions, and are both EPEAT Gold and Energy Star 4.0 rated. Plus, they're made with recycled material. They come with Intel vPro technology, which lets IT staff remotely power-on and perform system maintenance. The Trusted Platform Module security chip uses hardware to encrypt keys, passwords, and digital certificates. Users can care for their own PCs, performing tasks such as recovery from viruses, system updates, and cleaning up the hard drive. They can also disable or enable USB ports. The M57 starts at $699, the M57P, which is smaller than a typical phone book, at $684. Monitors are sold separately. Also new, the <em>ThinkCentre Vertical PC and Monitor Stand</em> ($69.95) can lift the PCs off the desk to free up more workspace. Learn more at

<em>SmeadSoft Records Management System for Human Resources</em> from <b>Smead Manufacturing Company</b> is designed to aid HR administrators in securely managing and maintaining the lifecycle of personnel records, whether they are physical, paper, or electronic versions, into a single end-to-end system. The solution's bar-code tracking technology can locate any physical record and provide a complete audit trail of the record's usage. The system also assists with common HR recordkeeping tasks such as performance reviews, training, and benefits. Imaging is also included, as well as electronic record tracking. The system can be scaled to meet a department's needs, and its interface complies with Windows XP. Base pricing starts at $15,000. Learn more at


<b><em>Virgin HealthMiles</em></b> is a health rewards program designed to encourage participants to increase the level of physical activity in their everyday lives. Users participate in their favorite activities and earn rewards for being active, tracking results, and improving key body metrics. The program offers tools for users to track their activity and measure their progress on their own personalized and password-protected website. Depending on the size of the member base and the reward level offered, the cost can range from nothing to about $5 a month per member. Log on to


<b>Erlab</b>'s <em>GreenFumeHood</em> is designed to operate like a traditional fume hood, but by using less energy and releasing fewer toxins. Its filter stack system allows for a particular filter to be added for use with powders and to be configured for a clean room environment. At the system's core, a proprietary filtration system known as Neutrodine can handle acids, solvents, and bases with one filter type. gGuard technology sends out real-time alerts on sash height and high-heat conditions, monitors the filter's condition, and can manage 250 hoods on one program, which can be linked to a PDA. The system is operated through RFID cards. With systems ranging in size from 3 to 8 feet, pricing can go from $15,000 to $20,000. Visit

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