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University Business, Apr 2008

<em>Power LogOn Administrator</em>, by <b>Access Smart</b>, gives IT managers a better grasp on monitoring data and facility access by enabling them to customize individual smartcards for use in identity management, cashless transactions, and building and network admittance. Users can assign various access privileges to network, data files, and web accounts. They can also revoke and reissue cards at will. While protecting personal data, the smartcards can access an individual's personal accounts from any computers running this software. Basic pricing for the starter kit is $129.99 for a smartcard, card reader, software, and 30 time-limited licenses. Additional smartcards start at $5 each and software licenses at $34 each. Volume and educational discounts are available. Learn more at

<b>PolyVision</b> has released <em>THUNDER Express</em>, the newest addition to the THUNDER real-time global collaboration solution family. It's designed for small group meetings anywhere, such as the classroom, office, or conference room. Any user on a computer can instantly join a session with full participation. Both Windows and Macintosh client software are available. THUNDER Express can take data from any source (e.g., computer files, video/scanned images, or handwritten notes) and project them throughout the room as virtual "flipchart" pages on up to eight projectors. Information can be added and edited in real time by any user whether on-site or remotely connected. THUNDER Express allows participants to share their laptop or desktop screens, and then notes can be e-mailed to everyone and sessions can be archived. Up to 1,000 remote users can participate from any location. Pricing begins at $19,200 for single projection. Visit

Two <b>Adobe</b> software releases aid in creating rich internet applications (RIA) for Web 2.0. <em>Adobe AIR</em> develops cross-platform RIAs on a desktop using web technologies users already have, such as HTML, Ajax, PDF, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flex. Similar to browser-based RIAs, they can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Like desktop applications, they can read and write local files, work with other applications on a user's computer, and maintain data storage on the desktop. Now available for Windows and Macintosh, Adobe AIR and <em>Adobe AIR SDK</em> can be downloaded for free at <em>Adobe Flex 3 SDK</em> creates RIAs that run identically in major browsers and operating systems. Download a free version for Windows and Macintosh at A free beta Linux version is at

Everyone knows the scenario of having to stand by while a bundle of documents is being scanned. <b>Canon</b>'s <em>imageFORMULA DR-X10C Color Production Scanner</em> makes it convenient for users to scan batches of documents, regardless of their page size, by being able to detect each document's size and adjust to the batch's thickness. The scanner contains features to ensure proper paper alignment, and it can rotate images by detecting character orientation and skipping blank pages. For paper-intense offices, it offers a daily duty cycle of 60,000 scans. A dust prevention system helps remove and protect sensors from paper dust. The color scanner can produce up to 128 pages per minute and 256 images per minute. It's available for $17,995. Visit

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