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University Business, Jan 2008

At $29,995, the Christie LX1500 3LCD projector, by Christie, doesn't skimp on power. An advanced optical engine and a four 330W lamp array generate 15000 ANSI lumens for a quality image. The projector also incorporates inorganic, longlasting LCD panels, which deliver a 2000:1 contrast ratio, combined with an improved 10-bit image processing for smoother onscreen images. A suite of 11 optional high performance lenses support a variety of settings. The projector's motorized vertical and horizontal offset makes installation more flexible so the projector can be placed almost anywhere in the room. An available range of optional input modules, including digital blending/warping, SDI, and HD-SDI, lets users match the projector to virtually any application. Check it out at

Shoreline's act2-GreenSmart brand of laptop jackets and sleeves are entirely made from recycled water and soda bottles, saving them from a trip to a landfill. The line includes seven sizes of Always On, an all-around lightweight laptop jacket that fits 12.1-, 14.1-,and 15.1-inch screens and 13.3- through 17-inch-wide screens, and the Laptop Sleeve, available in medium and large sizes. Both sets are available in three colors and retail from $24.99 to $39.99. Visit

When fully loaded, the NVousPC Corporation's Carbon ultrathin notebook weighs just 4.5 pounds. It comes standard with the Intel Santa Rosa Platform, Intel's newest chipset, and an Intel Wireless Draft N 4965 Internal Adapter. It can be upgraded to include the Intel Core 2 Duo T77700 Processor. It contains an embedded biometric fingerprint scanner and supports Intel Turbo Memory, which works with Microsoft Vista to place the most commonly accessed software on memory closer to the CPU for quicker response. Additional features include an embedded 4-in-1 card reader, integrated Bluetooth module, 1.3 megapixel webcam, and high definition audio. Pricing starts at $1,685. Individuals can also give it a personal touch with a custom paint job and graphic design. The notebook cover is painted for free, but there's a charge of $20 for the bezel, $122 for the keyboard/touchpad, and $76 for the base panels. Check it out at

Recalling which passwords and logon procedures apply to what applications is a task in itself. A smart card-based solution, SmartCentric's SmartCity Password Wallet remembers logons specified by the user or systems administrator in a secure process between the PC and the card reader. Passwords are then encrypted on the card to prohibit any unauthorized access. At the user's request, the system can remember how the user logged on to an application and can create a file of login procedures and passwords. It can use PINs and/or biometrics to increase the card's security level, giving three-factor authentication. Pricing starts at $26,500 for a hosted system with 300 contact cards and 50 readers, plus $300 per month in hosting fees. Dual (contact and contactless) cards are available, and a dual card system with 300 cards and 50 readers costs $29,000 plus the same monthly fee. Visit

"Blind faith" doesn't run a wireless network. AirSleuth Pro 2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, by Kaltman Creations, lets users view Wi-Fi channels 1-11 individually or simultaneously with Peak, Average, and Raw trace models. Its 10 diagnostic models include Channel Time Course, Differential Channels, and Pie Charting; a real-time calculation of "Best Wi-Fi Channel" (the one with the least interference); and a logging and playback recorder for extended monitoring. The software-based application comes with an antenna, a user's guide, and a FAQs document. USB or PCMCIA versions are available for $395. Also new is the AirHorn Pro 2.4GHz (802.11) signal generator ($135) another software-based application that can generate RF signals for any number of the AirSleuth's 11 Wi-Fi channels. With three transition modes-Single Channel, Traverse All Channels, and Peak-it can assist with antenna placement, RF shield effectiveness, and wireless network stress testing. Buy both AirSleuth and AirHorn together for $499. Visit

The cost incurred in reprocessing returned mail adds up quickly. As a front-end solution, QAS's QuickAddress Pro instantly validates any address against the latest U.S. Postal Service address data file to ensure the address is corrected before it even enters a database. Users can look up an address by entering a ZIP code, city name, or part of an address. The software automatically verifies, completes, and enters the address into an existing database application. It can also find international addresses. The software works with almost any established or custom-built database or CRM system and is available as a stand-alone application, a client-server application, or as a set of APIs. It starts at $1,495. Visit

Ipswitch's Whats Up Gold v. 11.0.3, a network monitoring application, isolates problems and provides an understanding of a network's performance and availability through a number of tasks. These include discovering and mapping all the users' network devices; notifying users when problems happen; gathering information over time and generating out-of-the-box reports; and providing anytime, anywhere monitoring. The application searches for devices, letting the user decide which ones to monitor. It actively polls devices to determine their status and offers more than 100 summary reports (or workspace reports) that can be used to customize workspaces. Three editions (Standard, Premium, and Distributed) are currently available, with each tailored to meet various needs. Pricing starts from $5,300 for a single central and single remote install at 100 devices each. Visit

It doesn't look like the average projector, but Sanyo's PLC-XL50 LCD Projector ($4,999.99) delivers an ultrashort throw distance that enables an image to be projected up to 80 inches from a distance of only three inches. A fixed ultrashort focus lens and an optical engine make this possible. Optical and cooling mechanism technology lets the projector be positioned vertically and horizontally, allowing it to display an image on the floor it's sitting on, or on the wall it's mounted on or pushed up against. A Top and Bottom Keystone Correction gives proper alignment. A Color Board Mode adjusts color when an image is projected on a nonwhite surface. As a theft-deterrent, the projector contains a built-in vibration sensor alert that sounds an alarm when the unit is picked up. Also, the projector turns on automatically when the power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet. An Easy-Off function makes it possible to remove the power cord without waiting for the machine to cool down. Visit

Xerox has five new multifunction printers. The Phaser 8860 color printer ($2,499) and Phaser 8860MFP color multifunction printer ($3,999) offer print speeds up to 30 pages per minute (PPM) in color and black and white, a 750 MHz processor, and Adobe PostScript 3. They use crayonlike ink sticks, with a yield of 14,000 pages. Black ink is $216 per cartridge. For color, three individual shades are $72 each or $216 for a bundle. Starting at $999, the Phaser 6180MFP color multifunction printer prints 20 PPM in color and 31 PPM in black and white. PrintingScout software sends messages to users' computers about the status of print jobs. The WorkCentre 7232 (starting at $5,599) and WorkCentre 7242 (starting at $6,299) color multifunction systems offer two-sided copying and printing and a full range of color controls. Log on to

Harsh weather conditions can knock the wind (and life) out of surveillance cameras. Dotworkz's D2-XC camera enclosure prevents them from freezing in temperatures down to minus 40 degrees with its Ring of Fire system. The system provides constant warm airflow and safeguards electronics found in cameras such as IP network models. Built-in defrosting removes snow and ice from the enclosure's lower dome to avoid obstructing a camera's view. Its interior accommodates routers, cell networks, hard drives, UPS, WiMax, and Mesh hardware. It's compatible with almost all top-name analogs and IP pan-tilt-zoom cameras. The enclosure protects cameras from other destructive forces such as extreme heat and vandalism. The Ring of Fire version costs $698, while a basic system is $319. There are also wireless versions. Visit

Apple's Leopard (OS X v10.5) operating system offers significant advancements in how users access files and maintain their systems. Quick Look lets users preview documents visually without opening them-a potential huge time saver. Time Machine lets users go back to recover a previously saved file or setup. Spaces reduces clutter with easily changed multiple desktops for users who work with different application sets. For those who must occasionally work in a Windows environment, Boot Camp is now built in to Leopard. Apple Mail has undergone major enhancements, including custom stationery, RSS feeds, and a data detector that can map addresses or add events to the iCal calendar with the click of a mouse. And Leopard doesn't drain system resources. Although it is optimized for Intel Macs, it's designed to run just as smoothly on a Mac G4 (867 MHz or faster) with at least 512 MB of memory. A single-user license is $129. Visit

Talk about user-friendly. Hitachi's StarBoard FX 77 Duo ($1,999) multitouch interactive whiteboard can be operated through hand gestures, a finger, an electronic pen, or any other object. Plus, two users can run it at the same time. A camera image sensor system provides a durable surface that stays fully operational despite scratches or dents. Features include 24 customizable function buttons, a CD-ROM offering remote learning capability to conference up to 50 StarBoards together, 72 digital ink combinations, a customizable toolbar, interactive tools, handwriting recognition, and video annotation. Also new, the CP-A100 3LCD projector ($2,99 5) solves the problem of presenters blocking a projected image (due to standing in front of the screen) with a short throw distance of 60 inches at 1.4 feet. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally or mounted to a ceiling, and it has a brightness of 2500 ANSI lumens, XGA resolution and a 400:1 contrast ratio. Learn more at

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