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University Business, Oct 2007

Forgot to write down or electronically record your employees' passwords? Iogear's Personal Security Mouse with Nano Technology eliminates lists and confusion by requiring a fingerprint scan only to a login computer. A solution for workers without a desk, the mouse can store up to five identities to provide enhanced security for multiple users on the same PC. Features include file/folder and hard-drive encryption as well as individual encrypted memory space and automatic and secure website login by storing user names. These are both only accessible by fingerprint identification. Plus, it's self-sanitizing: it's covered with a titanium dioxide and silver nano-particle compound with antimicrobial properties to protect from bacteria surviving on its surface. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and above, it costs $89.95. Visit

A last-minute location change or a room so bright not even closing the blinds helps much can easily rattle a good presentation. The Supernova Mobile Screen by dnp is an optical front projection screen that allows viewing in brightly lit environments and enables presentations to be performed with the lights on. It delivers up to 10 times higher contrast than standard front screens. Supreme black levels are balanced with an ergonomic brightness level to create vivid images with full color saturation to prevent eyestrain. With foldable supports for mounting, the easy-to-set-up screen is ideal for presentations on the go, conveniently rolling back into its lightweight metal case. Intended for use with a table-mounted projector, the smaller 40-inch screen unrolls horizontally and stands on a table. The larger 80-inch screen is unrolled vertically and stands on the floor. Pricing for the 40-inch screen is $1,703; for the 80-inch screen, $3,316. Visit

Tired of the black shadow that comes with copying book pages? Plustek's OpticBook 3600 Corporate ($599) book scanner contains SEE (Shadow Elimination Element) Technology combined with an illumination system with a special edge design that allows the scanning module to scan right up to the book spine. A searchable PDF functionality makes indexing and searching digitized books a breeze. Automatic page orientation detection and image de-skewing simplify the entire capture process. It's also bundled with a suite of software that includes I.R.I.S. Readiris Pro 10 Corporate Edition, ABBYY FineReader 5.0 Sprint, NewSoft Presto! PageManager 6.07 and NewSoft Presto! ImageFolio 4. Visit

Good soundproof walls make good neighbors. National Gypsum has developed its Gold Bond brand SoundBreak Gypsum Board, acoustically enhanced for use in the construction of high-rated STC (Sound Transmission Class) wall assemblies. Being 5/8 inches thick, it consists of a layer of viscoelastic damping polymer sandwiched between two pieces of enhanced high-density mold resistant gypsum board, providing constrained layer damping. Achieving STC ratings (indicating how well wall partitions resist airborne sound) of 55 or above in most wall assemblies, it can be used as a single-layer application or as a component of multilayered wall assemblies where sound transmission between rooms or dwelling units is a concern. Adding a layer to a typical wall assembly, such as a standard UL U465 wall assembly, will add about $2 per square foot to the cost of the wall. This particular use would provide a STC rating of 57.Go to

Students will easily forget about their loans while partying on Spring Break, but they still have to keep track of their spending money. American Education Services uses a sun-baked sojourn as the setting for Student Loans-Spring Break Style, entrance and exit counseling videos that provide information for student borrowers through a fun movie format. This free, two DVD set meets all federal loan-counseling requirements by delivering information on student loans, deferments, repayment, and budgets, while following eight students on Spring Break. To order copies, visit Click on the Financial Aid Products & Support for Schools link. Then see the link to Entrance & Exit Counseling DVDs.

Sharp's Notevision portable projectors series now includes the XR-40X, XR-30X, and XR-30S models. Just over six pounds, they can be used in any lighting environment with brightness levels of 2600 ANSI Lumens on the XR-40X and 2300 ANSI Lumens on the XR-30X and XR-30S. They contain Texas Instrument DLP technology and TrueVision image processing. A Condenser Lens Optical System creates color accuracy, while a full-function remote with PC control, on-screen break timer plus pointer, resize and image freeze functions controls a presentation's pace and appearance. With the Direct Power Off feature, users can immediately unplug and remove the projector. An Auto Restart restores operation after a power failure. Pricing for the XR-30X is $1,195, for the XR- 30S, $1,095, and for the XR-40X, $1,295. Visit

It's a trend that has dangerous consequences: texting while driving. USTelematics has developed Vivee, short for Voice Interactive Voice Enhanced Email. It is a service that reads users' e-mail or text to them. A little animated character, or "avatar," appears on the screen of the user's device and speaks incoming messages. The service connects to the internet through the Verizon wireless EVDO high speed network. When installed, it brings full wireless internet connectivity with it, at speeds on par with many DSL services. It is compatible with all current Windows operating systems and many "smart phone" models. For pre-existing devices, the software costs $29.99. The service is free to try for 90 days and then is $4.99 per month. Vivee2go, another option, is a portable multimedia device that can be linked to web-augmented GPS navigation, priced at $299. Check out

Premier Mounts has a number of new mounts and stands. The Nova Series utilizes SpiroLock technology to secure small-form factor projectors weighing up to 65 pounds. With a torsion-spring mechanism that automatically twists into place, the technology captures and secures the mount's upper and lower portions. Radial glide technology allows quiet and simple adjustments that lock in place with a single adjustment screw. The series, offering three models, starts at $179. The low-profile universal PDS Plus ($199.99) has four axis, tilt, and rotational adjustments. Eight variable length mounting arms provide greater installation flexibility. Also new is Rotary Series RFM Wall Mount ($299.99). It enables precise display placement and easily switches from horizontal to vertical orientation. Fitting most 37- to 61-inch displays, it features an integrated cable management system. Suited for signage or confidence monitors, the PSD-VPS digital signage cart ($799.99) can accommodate 37- to 61-inch displays. With a pole height of 40 inches, users can position the monitor at the optimum viewing in either portrait or landscape formats. The PSD-BW and PSDBWL mobile floor stands ($549.99 and $599.99) have a nesting design for advanced storage capabilities. Suited for high frequency digital signage and monitor uses, it balances space efficiency with convenience. Visit

Hitachi's highly customizable CP-X200 3LCD projector ($1,995) offers advanced security functions. Along with having a brightness of 2,200 ANSI lumens and a 500:1 contrast ratio, proprietary features include an Input Source Naming function; My Screen/My Memory preset options, and a remote control with My Buttons. It's also equipped with a security bar, a Kensington security slot, and a transition detector (a sensor located inside the projector that recognizes when the projector has been moved). Plus, it is protected against unauthorized operation with its PIN code security system. But wait, there's more-a 7-watt audio out and a high-performance side-mounted filter for easy maintenance. Check out

SMART Technologies has released Bridgit 3.2 conferencing software for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The latest version adds improved voice-over-IP (VoIP) to web conferencing applications, support for more users and enhanced support for Macs. Users can connect instantly and share voice, video and data over the internet in real time through any browser without having to install the software. With a chat feature, participants can communicate while in the web conferencing session. A free 30-day evaluation copy is available at It provides conferencing services for up to five concurrent users. Version 3.2 is a free upgrade for customers using versions 3.0 and 3.1. For new users, pricing is available on a subscription basis starting at $29.99 per concurrent user, per month. VoIP service starts at $34.99 per concurrent user per month. A Windows server license for five concurrent users can be purchased for $2,999. Additional concurrent users can be added starting at $100 each. Visit

The Video Media Center 1000, Polycom's appliance-based solution, offers a comprehensive control center and dashboard to manage the complete video content lifecycle. Content can be streamed live or on demand to up to 1,000 concurrent unicast users and unlimited users via multicast for global scalability. Standard reporting capabilities include tracking viewership, content popularity and user statistics for measuring program success, compliance, and security. Applications include recording, streaming, and archiving guest lectures; producing educational and marketing videos on-site; video editing where educators can trim video from the front and back of a recording and add captioning and chapters; synchronizing content to appear alongside video, including PowerPoint slides and detailed high definition images; and multicasting lectures or courses to students who only have access to Windows Media Player and a PC. Pricing starts at $95,000. Go to

VBrick Systems's VBCast Packages enable users to go live instantly. VBDesktop is designed to stream dynamic presentations from offices, boardrooms or classrooms. It features the VBrick WM appliance, a video camera with integrated microphone, tripod, and VBPresenter, a plug-in that initiates all multimedia present at ion capabilities using PowerPoint. Multimedia capabilities blend real-time audio/video, live synchronized PowerPoint slides, guided web browsing and polling, and Q&A capabilities. The portable VBExpress frees users to broadcast events and functions from anywhere with access to power and network connectivity. VBXStream offers flexible connectivity via wireless LANs, cell phones, satellite uplinks, and network cables. It is good for streaming live sporting events or news on location. Designed for remote broadcasting, it easily connects with satellite uplinks or cellular network services. An optional solid-state hard drive is available. All VBCast Packages are interoperable with standard digital video equipment and IP networks. Pricing starts at $4,500 per package. Check out

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