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University Business, Apr 2007

Brighten up with new ellipsoidals from Lightronics in beam spreads of 10, 19, 26, 36, and 50 degrees. The units have variable focus, die-cast aluminum housing with a black or white finish, and insulated handles. They have gel frames and require a HPL575 or 750-watt lamp. Pricing is $550 for a 10-degree model and $420 for 19- to 50-degree models. For more information visit www

The IT department should like this one. AirWave Wireless has released Management Suite 5.0 software, which allows management of mesh and WiMax networks, in addition to the WiFi earlier versions could handle. Technology from multiple vendors is supported. This new version has 3D navigation, so staff can enter an address on campus and see renderings of buildings with correct stories and other features. Navigation has been made intuitive, and scalability has been enhanced so multiple nodes can be managed without bogging the network down. Pricing depends on the size of the wireless network; for example, 1,000 nodes cost $35,000. The company has also released the Enterprise Edition package, which can support up to 2,500 devices from a single server. Find out more at

Oracle has released PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9. This new version has more than 130 enhancements to aid in recruiting, student/alumni relationships, and fundraising. Modules can be implemented as needed. To aid in data integrity, web services are used to access a shared directory of student and employee data, minimizing the need to reenter data into multiple applications. New 'Centers' tailored for each constituency group on campus are designed so students can easily see financial aid and degree requirements, and faculty can track schedules and student rosters, among other activities. Other enhancements aid in collaboration across user groups. Pricing varies based on the module selected and the number of full-time students. For example, the list price of the Student Administration module is $160 per full-time student and must cover the entire population. See more information at

All the design elements a professional could desire, ranging from InDesign and Illustrator to Flash and Photoshop, are in Creative Suite 3 from Adobe, and they are all updated. The six editions of CS3 include Design Premium and Standard, Web Premium and Standard, Production Premium, and the mother of them all, Master Collection, which includes all the applications and retails for $2,499. Discounted pricing for upgrades is available. The web products reflect the recent merger with Macromedia, and the video products will work on both PCs and Macs. Enhanced user interface, tighter product integration, and common shortcuts are among the improvements. To read the dizzying array of updates, visit

Here's an excuse to use that HDTV in the corner. Elmo's new P100 Document Camera is 720p compatible, so it will fill a large flat-panel screen from edge to edge. It is set up for either 16:9 or 4:3 monitors. It offers 30 frames/second output, 16X optical zoom, a flexible free arm, and a built-in color monitor and light box. The document camera is Restriction of Hazardous Substance compliant. Suggested price is $3,850. Learn more at

Finding out which marketing campaigns are resulting in enrolled students is possible with AdReply from XY Media Solutions. This hosted solution allows IHEs to track and manage regionally targeted online advertising. Users can manage vendor relationships in one reporting system, allowing for real-time tracking and feedback. The system can host a banner ad or web landing pages for specific campaigns. It can also integrate with CRM systems for easier data management. Pricing varies. If XY Media's lead generation services are used, AdReply is included. If AdReply is used as a stand-alone service, pricing is calculated on a per-lead basis and can be as low as $2 per lead, per month, with a sliding scale that adjusts as lead volume changes. Visit

Sometimes a one-trick pony is the way to go. Mobile Software Solutions has released EasySlideShow. After downloading the software, users choose and arrange their pictures, select transition effects and speeds, add music, and then are ready to project. The software can run on portable storage devices such as USB flash drives and MP3 players and can be watched on any device that supports the WMV format. A license costs $14.95. It can be found at

For security beyond normal lock and key protection, try CyberLock padlocks from Videx. The units have electronic components that can be programmed to respond only to matching electronic keys. They can be restricted to open only for certain users and only on certain days and times, and they keep an access record. The Hockey Puck model ($223) has a stainless steel body and anti-drilling features built into its core, and the buried shackle prevents attacks from bolt cutters. The Bar Bell model ($223) has a stainless steel core and locking post, and is environmentally sealed with "O" rings to prevent water and dirt from reaching its inner core. See more at

Here's a fun way to freak out intruders. The Ground Observing Reconnaissance Transmitter (GORT) from Cross Point Industries is equipped with a motion detector and high-powered light. When activity is detected, the light turns on and rotates to follow the intruder. Security cameras can be attached to the unit for remote monitoring, and an alert message can be added to inform security personnel when the unit is activated. Suggested retail price is $2,500. Learn more at

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