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University Business, Feb 2007

There's a new way to respond to the recording and movie industries' rampage about illegal file sharing. The Education and Administration Module, an add-on to the CopySense Appliance from Audible Magic, automatically detects and stops illegal downloads and transfers, while still allowing legitimate P2P traffic. Penalties escalate from notifying the user of the restricted action to totally blocking network access. Education modules about copyright laws are an option, and the system can be customized to comply with institutional policy. Users must have the CopySense Appliance in place, which costs $12,000 and up. Pricing for the Education and Administration Module varies depending on the number of users; 500 users cost $1,400 annually, 5,000 users cost $5,000 annually, and 15,000 users cost $11,000 annually. Learn more at

In the cool and useful gadget department, Toshiba released the TDP-FF1AU, a one-pound, battery-powered, palm-sized projector. It has an up to 68-inch diagonal display and comes with a 23-inch diagonal folding screen, remote control, battery charger, and carrying case. It has inputs for computer, video, and audio, as well as for a USB port. The retail price is $699. Visit

VBrick has released a new version of EtherneTV Media Distribution System, a turnkey platform to record, stream, and manage digital video across Internet Protocol (IP) networks. A major upgrade in version 4.0 is access logging, which allows administrators to manage compliance reporting and copyright enforcement automatically by tracking user access and recording of live and stored video assets. Another new feature enables IT staffs to manage their enterprisewide video networks centrally without increasing staff size. Expanded wizard/help functions simplify navigation of content and special features, and VBPresenter enables users to incorporate PowerPoint and other rich media into their video presentations. The system also now stores rich media on its portal server. The portal (hardware and software) costs $12,500; the software upgrade is free for customers who have a VBsafe services contract. Learn more at

Document cameras are all the rage. Lumens has thrown the portable DC160 into the fray. Weighing in at 4.85 lbs, it offers SXGA resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels, and 3X optical zoom with automatic focus. Using the split-screen feature, presenters can present a previously captured image stored in the camera's internal memory side by side with a real-time image. The flexible gooseneck design allows the lens and lamp head to independently rotate 360 degrees. Priced at $1,295, the document camera also comes with a remote control. See more at

Gateway has added to its rack server series. The new models have AMD Opteron processors, integrated RAID, and optional low-cost remote control keyboard, video, and mouse. A system management feature allows the units to be remotely shut down and restarted, regardless of power condition. The E-9422R ($1,799) is a 1U midrange server with four integrated network interface cards and room for four hot-swap SAS or SATA II hard drives. The E-9522R ($1,849) is a 2U server with four NICs, six SAS or SATA II hard drives, and four PCI slots. The E-9722R (pricing varies) is a 3U server that can function as a VMware virtual server to consolidate multiple server activities. All units can be customized. Read more at

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