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University Business, Jun 2006

Sony has introduced the IPELA SNC-CS10 and SNC-CS11 cameras, with features such as built-in activity detection, pre/post alarm recording, and DC Servo Auto Iris Lens capability, which allow them to function in both indoor and outdoor applications. Designed for easy transition to IP-based monitoring, these cameras produce high-resolution images for clarity and detail, support JPEG and MPEG-4 compression formats, and feature simultaneous access capability for multiple remote users, multicasting, IP filtering to control network access, and password protection. The SNC-CS11 has power over Ethernet (PoE) capability as well as a Bi-Directional Audio function for monitoring distant objects and/or sending out alerts and announcements for remote monitoring applications. Both units will be available in July, with the SNC-CS10 costing $660 and the SNC-CS11 costing $780. Learn more at

Green Solutions High Dilution Disinfectant 256 from Spartan Chemical Company is a phosphate-free, dye-free, and fragrance-free formulation designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfection with just a half-ounce of concentrate per gallon of water. The solution kills pathogenic microorganisms on hard, non-porous, inanimate environmental surfaces and destroys many antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It is effective against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-

resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE). The entire Green Solutions line now features color coded labeling for easier product identification. Products and pricing are available from Spartan distributors. For more information visit or

Students study at all times of the day, so having access to lectures whenever they want would be welcome. Thanks to Sonic Foundry's Mediasite Building Block for Blackboard, they can have their wish. Using the technology, any Mediasite-recorded lecture, presentation, or meeting on campus, whether live or archived, can be published as learning content to the Blackboard Learning System. Students can access their instructors' rich media presentations directly from their Blackboard-managed courses, including fully synchronized audio, video, and presentation materials from PowerPoint and electronic whiteboards to document cameras or other presentation devices. Viewing the lectures within Blackboard requires nothing more than the student's web browser; no special downloads or plug-ins are needed. Pricing is $3,000 per Blackboard server. More information is available at

Apple Remote Desktop 3 was designed to make managing an entire network as easy as managing a single Mac. New features allow users to take advantage of Tiger capabilities and search across the entire network. A new Dashboard Widget for easy access to remote units, 30 preprogrammed Automator actions for routine management tasks, and AutoInstall, which tracks upgrades to network units and automatically performs the install when a unit logs in, all combine to make a network manager's life easier. IHEs might be particularly interested in a faster version of Power Copy, to push documents out to the network; Remote Drag and Drop, allowing items to easily be moved from one network computer to another; and Application Usage and User History Reports, to track software compliance and monitor the use of unauthorized applications. The application works with the Panther operating system and the new Intel-based Macs, as well as supports VNC screen sharing. ARD3 is priced per administrator with education prices of $149 for up to 10 systems and $299 for unlimited systems. See it all at

WildPackets' OmniAnalysis Platform gives network engineers real-time visibility into every part of the network simultaneously from a single console, including Gigabit, 10/100, 802.11 wireless, VoIP, and WAN links to remote offices. Using the technology's local capture capabilities, centralized console, distributed engines, and expert analysis, engineers can rapidly troubleshoot faults and fix problems, restoring essential services and maximizing network uptime and user satisfaction. The network forensics features can be used by network administrators to troubleshoot network problems, including issues that have occurred hours or even days before, while compliance officers can discover or verify compliance violations, including violations related to server or network access or illicit transmission of data. Pricing ranges from $995 to $8,995, depending on local and distributed network analysis requirement. Learn more at

Ensuring optimal indoor air quality and energy savings is important, especially with today's high energy costs. The fan coil version of the Xenta 121 controller by TAC can help. The controller can be used in both two- and four-pipe installations and configured for use with a variety of valve actuators. The heat pump controller handles both reversing and isolation valves and can be configured for up to three compressors. It offers heating, cooling, and secondary heating, and users can define up to three heating and cooling stages. The unit's demand-based, multifunctional fan control program handles both multistage and variable speed fans to ensure the right amount of air for optimum comfort and for greater energy efficiency. Room occupancy sensors, window contacts switches, outdoor temperature sensors, and CO2 and relative humidity control are all available features. The 121-FC (fancoil) is ?$544 and the 121-HP (heat pump) is $581. Visit

The latest release of the DataSafe extrusion prevention system, which prevents unauthorized network transfer of critical or sensitive information across all channels on gigabit speed networks, is DataSafe version 3.9. New alert management and notation functionality and prebuilt policy templates for DoD Data Classification and the PCI Security Standard are provided by this latest release. Upgrades to the policy engine also provide functionality to simplify white listing of approved business processes and new decoders provide advanced web-mail decoding, encrypted documents detection, and recognition of images imbedded in files. Expanded alert-searching, viewing, and reporting functions have also been improved in this version. Fidelis Security Systems prices the product from $65,000 to $95,000. Learn more at

In the rush to protect data, don't forget about printed documents. A new Security Toner from Troy contains a high adhesion toner with a hidden red dye, which is released when a solvent that will remove toner comes in contact with it. The technology can be used for printing documents on many of the HP LaserJet printers in use today and can be used on plain-paper documents, existing security papers, and preprinted forms. Cartridges range in price from $151 to $341, depending on printer model. See a demonstration at

Thieves can run but they can't hide from Computrace Data Protection, a new service that helps gives customers the power to remotely delete sensitive data from computers that have been lost or stolen. When a loss is reported, Absolute Software's Monitoring Center remotely initiates data protection processes to delete individual files, directories or, if necessary, all data and even the operating system. The deletion process happens silently to prevent detection, and it can survive accidental or deliberate attempts to remove or disable the software. When the data deletion is completed, an audit log detailing the process is recorded in the customer's account to aid in policy and regulatory compliance. The service is priced based on volume and service term; a three-year subscription retails at $79.95. Visit

The Learn Big IN24 from InFocus offers 3,000 hours of lamp life, features a sleeve-bearing color wheel for quieter performance, a 2000:1 contrast ratio, 1700 lumens, the latest digital light processing chip, and the ability to display more than 16 million colors. Weighing 5.75 pounds, it features enhanced digital keystone correction, an LED instant feedback display to communicate with end-users and a recessed lens to protect the most delicate component of the technology. Users can connect it to computers, DVD players, satellite receivers, and other devices. The projector has a suggested retail price of $699. Learn more at

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