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University Business, May 2006

Providing sound to classrooms and lecture halls will be a little easier with OWI's new speakers. The AMP-31C6 (shown) is a three-source, self-amplified speaker that can power and control up to three non-amplified speakers. It fits on the OWI IC6 in-ceiling speaker, is protected from shorts and overheating, and has available line-level volume control. The speaker has a reduced noise feature and includes a 15-volt DC power supply. Projectors, computers, microphones, or other AV equipment can plug into the AMP-31C6, while the three inputs each handle a microphone or line level signals with their own individual control. On a smaller scale, the AMP-IC5/6 is a single input and fits onto the OWI IC5 and IC6 in-ceiling speakers. It can drive up to three additional IC5/IC6s. Presenters gain 25 watts of Class AB power at the speakers while noise is reduced. A 12-volt AC power supply is included. The AMP-31C6 is $450, the AMP-IC6 is $260, and the AMP-IC5 is $240. Hear more at

CampusTours is now offering podcasting support for both audio and video virtual tours. Existing virtual tours can be converted to podcasts, or new tours can be created to highlight a certain department. The feature is useful for visitors who arrive during hours when a student tour guide might not be available. Some schools are considering having iPods available for visitors to borrow in such situations. The service costs $1,000 when added to existing CampusTours MultiMedia Engine software. Visit for more information.

HireRight Inc., which offers an on-demand employment background screening service, and PeopleAdmin, which has a higher ed employment/position management system, have teamed to provide a recruiting and screening solution for IHEs. HireRight's on-demand employment background and drug-screening services will be pre-integrated into the PeopleAdmin applicant tracking solution-for criminal background, employment, education and credential verifications; sex offender registry searches; credit and motor vehicle history checks; professional reference checks; and drug tests. The integration is designed to reduce data entry tasks, improve process efficiency/data quality, speed results, and help assure screening process consistency. Current PeopleAdmin customers can add the HireRight service for $40 to $100 per check. Both services are also still available independently. See www or

Extron Electronics has added 48 larger fixed I/O matrix switchers to its CrossPoint 450 Plus and MAV Plus Series lines. The switchers are suitable for most common video, ultra-wideband, and audio switching applications, including campus auditoriums. Available in sizes of 32x48 inches up to 64x64 inches, with or without audio, the systems share features such as Extron's IP Link Ethernet technology; an IP integration technology that enables asset management, diagnostics, and control over a WAN, LAN, or the internet; audio output volume control; and I/O grouping for dividing the matrix switchers into small subswitchers. Besides larger composite video and stereo audio models, the MAV Plus Series includes eight mono audio matrix switchers. These models offer the option of routing balanced or unbalanced mono audio in speech reinforcement and background music applications. MAV Plus models cost from $8,510 to $38,830. The CrossPoint 450 Plus models cost from $83,260 to $140,560. Learn more at

Higher ed employers and job searchers won't have to thrash around on general career websites, thanks to the advent of The new site focuses on the needs of academic institutions and offers job seekers search tools, interactive maps to pinpoint job locations, a r?sum? collection service, and free r?sum? search service. Users can browse jobs by category, location, or through keyword searches. Job posters at smaller institutions with limited funds can use "Build my site" to build a career section and then post it to their own site. Users who sign up before June 1, 2006, will receive all postings, free, for one year. Future prices will be $29.99 per job. Postings for postdoctoral jobs are always free. Check it out at

Because there can never be enough digital projectors from which to choose, Toshiba has released the TDP-T95U DLP (digital light processing) mobile projector. This unit's bells and whistles include one-touch auto setup, a "Blackboard" function that allows a presenter to make a wall color adjustment when projecting on a non-screen surface, instant power shutdown, and a digital zoom function on the remote. It also offers the ability to view presentations simultaneously on an external monitor as well as the screen, an automatic vertical keystone correction (plus or minus 30 degrees) that instantly projects a square image (even when the projector is set up at a steep offset angle to the screen), and a wireless infrared controller to synchronize with a computer to control the projector from a PC. The projector weighs 6.4 pounds and offers users an array of connectivity options, including composite video, component and S-video inputs, audio in, and variable audio output capabilities. Suggested retail price is $1,299. Haven't heard enough? Visit

Apple's Mac mini just got sweeter. Particularly suitable for media centers and music and film classes, this new version comes with the Intel Core Duo processor for faster performance and greater expansion than previous Mac minis. New system architecture includes a 667 MHz front-side bus and 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM memory expandable to 2GB, built-in Ethernet, AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth 2.0, and four USB 2.0 ports. The device, which is 6.5 inches square and 2 inches tall, also features DVI interface and a VGA-out adapter to connect to displays and television.

Users must supply a keyboard, monitor, and mouse, but the mini is designed to work with corded models already on hand, or wireless units for freedom to roam. The included Apple Remote allows access to entertainment features from anywhere in the room.

Built-in software includes Front Row for easy access to iTunes playlists, iPhoto libraries, and video on any computer on the network using Bonjour wireless networking technology, as well as iLive '06, which features new versions of iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb applications that run on Mac OS X version 10.4, or Tiger.

The 1.5 GHz Mac mini has a suggested retail price of $599, while the 1.66 GHz version carries a suggested price of $799. For more information, visit

MapInfo Corporation has a new academic licensing program for its core data products. Annual license packages now provide detailed, up-to-date geographic data sets in lab, class, and site configurations, enabling greater flexibility and usability in any educational setting. Geographic areas range from single-state data points to nationwide coverage, and packages are available in either census or commercial forms. The annual data licenses are available in MapInfo StreetInfo/MapMarker or MapInfo StreetPro/MapMarker Plus bundles. Pricing varies, but a classroom license is $495 per year. For more information, visit

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The FX-82W, an 82-inch diagonal widescreen interactive whiteboard with a display aspect ratio of 16:9, is being offered by Hitachi Software. It comes in both wired (USB) and wireless Bluetooth versions and has 10 customizable function buttons, which eliminate the need for on-screen menus.

Hitachi has also released StarBoard Software Release 6.31, which features screen/voice recording functionality that enables sessions to be recorded during classes or meetings for later playback. A new hyperlink feature allows users to embed .wav movie files in presentations, and other new features make importing text easier. The wireless two-button pen device functions as a mouse or as a pen to annotate and edit documents, which can be saved as editable screen shots in StarBoard software or as Windows software applications. The whiteboard is bundled with the new software and wall-mounting brackets. Suggested prices range from $1,499 for wired to $1,699 for wireless, depending on model configuration. More information is available at

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