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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Streamlined. My colleagues and I are proud to present this series of publications to inform college and university administrators about new and innovative methods of streamlining business office operations.

In this edition, you’ll find out how the University of Louisville has lowered the costs associated with refund distribution by going electronic. And, through an informative interview with our senior vice president of client operations, Casey McGuane, you’ll become familiar with the new Department of Education regulations surrounding these disbursements. We hope these articles will provide you with valuable insight and improve the overall student experience at your school.

Higher One provides higher education institutions and students with efficient, convenient and easy-to-use solutions to handle their financial disbursements. These include: student refunds, on-campus and community purchases, payroll and employee expenses?as well as the collection of payments from students, parents, and sponsors.

As always, Higher One strives to provide you with the best service possible. Please contact us with any questions you have concerning our services.

Dean Hatton, CEO, Higher One