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Update: Qatar Campuses

University Business, Jan 2012
Map with a push pin point to Qatar

The trend of opening branch campuses overseas is cyclical. When things are good, institutions look outside their borders. When things get bad, institutions tend to retract those tentacles. However, Education City in Qatar, which opened in 2001 after six years of planning from the Qatar Foundation and now has seven higher ed institutions, is going strong.

In November, Northwestern University in Qatar broke ground on a new 32,520-square meter building to house its media, communication, and journalism school. Northwestern University (Ill.) founded its Qatar branch in 2008.

The newest resident of Education City is the Community College of Qatar, which was established in 2010 by Houston Community College (Texas). The college opened in September 2010 with 304 students, with enrollment growing to 450 students in the second semester. The goal is to grow enrollment to 1,500 within five years. HCC has sent 75 employees to the Qatar campus, including administrators, faculty, and staff.