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The University of Texas at San Antonio cuts campus crime in parking lots with camera systems from ADT.


The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) has enhanced security in three of its largest parking lots with the addition of video surveillance systems from ADT Security Services. The ADT system has already helped solve several break-ins and auto theft cases, according to campus police.

The installation includes cameras, which transmit video via a wireless mesh system, which monitor a 600-space remote parking lot about a quarter-mile from the university’s main campus.

"We are seeing many of the nation's universities begin to take a more comprehensive approach to overall security. This will help make campuses safer, while helping to manage and coordinate security much more efficiently." - Patrick Fiel, ADT public safety advisor

Due to the remote location of the lot, ADT chose a wireless mesh system as a reliable, less expensive means of transmitting the video to the campus police of?ce.

“The wireless system was the most effective way to get data from such a faraway area without the cost and environmental impact of trenching associated with a wired system,” said Daniel Pena, UTSA assistant police chief.

Pena said his of? cers and ADT have worked with the system, making adjustments to camera positions and the overall security strategy. The changes have made the system more effective.

The wireless cameras allow the security team to capture video as cars come and go from the university’s largest parking lot. The team also looks for suspicious activity such as cars circling past open spaces and people lingering near parked vehicles. If a suspicious activity is identi? ed, cameras allow of?cers to zoom in and capture license plate numbers of cars entering and exiting the lot. The cameras have also helped campus police identify suspects.

Pena said, “We are generally able to identify offenders as they exit the lot. We capture the license plate and we’ve got them. The system has been an invaluable tool for identifying suspects and shutting down theft rings.”

Following the success of the wireless installation in lot 13, Pena and his department had ADT add more wired cameras to two additional 300-space parking lots closer to the main campus.

ADT is also completing installation of video, access control and emergency intercom systems in the university’s college of business.