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Editor's Note

The UB Reader Advisory Panel

University Business, June 2012

We here at University Business are always interested in what you have to say. Your insight and comments on our articles have always been welcomed. Unfortunately, we usually don’t get to hear from you until after an issue has come out. Well, we’re about to change all that.

I am pleased to announce the launch of the UB Reader Advisory Panel, and extend an invitation for you to join.

What is it?

Quite simply, the UB Reader Advisory Panel members will help guide us as we plan our editorial coverage by letting us know what issues and topics are important to them. We want to “pick their brains,” as the saying goes, to learn about the concerns that keep them awake at night, and how they hope to resolve the most pressing problems of their day. This kind of information sharing is what University Business has always been about. 

What’s in it for you?

You’ll be part of an exclusive group that helps guide our editorial coverage to make University Business the most valuable publication to cross your desk.

What will be required of you?

We know you’re busy, so we won’t flood your inbox, but we will ask you to participate in an occasional online survey. We’ll send you advance copies of articles that we think will interest you, and ask for your feedback. And we’ll share our editorial calendar with you. If you feel you or your institution have something to offer to a story, we may call on you as a source.

Join us and be a voice that helps to shape the editorial coverage of University Business.

What’s in it for us?

Your expertise. We want your opinions and your feedback. We want you to tell us what you want to see, as well as what you don’t want to see. In this way, we’ll be able to deliver the targeted editorial content that you need to do your job better and stay competitive.

Who can be on it?

The UB Reader Advisory Panel is open to anyone who works in higher education. It’s important that the panel consist of a cross section of administrative titles and positions, just like our readers. We want to hear from presidents, vice presidents, chancellors and provosts, C-level officers, admissions, finance and IT directors, security officers, purchasing and food service managers, library services and facilities director­s—in short, anyone who plays a decision making role at a college or university.

How can you join?

It’s simple. Just send an email to the address below with your name, title, institution name, and contact information (including phone, mailing address, and Twitter handle, if you have one). Use the subject line “UB Panel.” We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re ready to go.