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The "U" in YouTube

University Business, Oct 2009

Since March, YouTube EDU ( has offered lectures from more than 100 colleges, including MIT, Yale, and UCLA, for anyone to view. “Twenty-first-century schooling is about walls coming down,” says Obadiah Greenberg, strategic partner manager for YouTube. “What better way than through video and YouTube?”

Any accredited two- or four-year institution can participate, as long as it can coordinate the implementation across campus. YouTube provides statistics such as who is viewing the content, what region they live in, and which portions they are watching. For Benjamin Hubbard, manager of webcast.berkeley at the University of California, Berkeley, posting on YouTube EDU was a no-brainer. “It’s a great way to extend reach and open access. As a public university, that’s our mission.” He says it’s an easy way to get started in online video and avoid webhosting costs.

Berkeley is also involved in another video-related effort. Called Opencast Matterhorn, it’s an international project to create a communal webcasting platform that will record and distribute educational content. The goal is to bring together programmers and educational technology experts from universities around the world to develop open-source software to automate recording and posting academic content. It is scheduled to be operational by summer 2010.