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Sustainable Solutions

University Business, June 2012

Solar Reading

The SolarKindle e-reader cover from SolarFocus has a flexible, lightweight solar panel built in for green charging. Placing the cover’s solar panel under direct sunlight for one hour can provide up to three days of reading time, and there’s a three-month guarantee for unplugged Kindle use under a normal sunlight environment. A dual-charging USB/solar reserve battery extends reading time. The cover, priced at $79.99, also features an LED reading lamp that runs on the reserve battery for up to 50 hours without using the Kindle’s main battery.

Energy-Saving Projection

Mitsubishi Electric’s wide-resolution WD720U and XGA-resolution XD700U energy-efficient projectors are designed with easy set-up in mind. With manual vertical lens shift, users can place either projector on a desk or table, make simple adjustments, and project on a screen or light-colored wall even if the room is brightly lit. Priced from $1,895 to $1,995, the projectors feature up to 5,000 lumens brightness, with user-selectable options for brightness, a standby mode that uses less than .05 watts of power, and an auto-off function that reduces needless power consumption.

Wireless Energy Management

The newly-released Netlinx Clear Connect Gateway from AMX is the final component of the AMX Light Control by Lutron family. Based on the Clear Connect radio frequency technology from light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics Co., the NetLinx Clear Connect Gateway wirelessly connects NetLinx Controllers with Lutron Clear Connect, dimmers, switches, occupancy sensors, switching plug-in devices, and keypads. The system enables complete facility energy management with the addition of RMS Enterprise software from AMX. Users can manage and monitor lighting, AV devices, HVAC, and other building systems. An energy management feature can trigger events based on motion from building occupants, for example, powering off when no motion is detected for a scheduled amount of time.

Efficient Wall Systems

Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ 6250i-HRX curtainwall and window wall system is designed for the floor-to-floor spans and loads of mid-rise and high-rise construction, including residence halls and office buildings. The curtainwall provides enhanced condensation performance and low U-Factor, along with panoramic, floor-to-ceiling views. The HRX wall combines energy efficiency with the benefits of natural light, ventilation, and views. Both systems are manufactured with a high percentage of recycled content and the curtainwall system can be finished in a choice of more than 30,000 colors of liquid paint composed of up to 100 percent post-industrial waste.