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Student Scheduling

University Business, July/August 2012

Gone are the days of standing in long lines waiting to register as an ever-expanding list of closed classes crawls by on a CCTV monitor.

Modern students expect to register online, probably from home, and at any hour of the day.

Building a livable schedule is hard enough for a residential student. It’s even more difficult for community college students who contend with work and family commitments, as well as a commute to campus.

Enter student-facing scheduling software to make life easier.

At Linn Benton Community College (Ore.), advisors would spend a great deal of time handwriting schedules with students as they tried to build a day that would suit their needs, explains Danny Aynes, director of enrollment services/registrar.

Last year, the institution adopted the College Scheduler system, which allows students to build their schedules independently online. Students can select the classes they need to take, then block off times for activities such as work or athletic practice. The system returns a suggested schedule, which can be further manipulated. When the student is satisfied, the system generates a schedule complete with course numbers, at which point the student logs into Banner and registers, Aynes says.

While students find the system quick and easy to use, administrators are benefiting, as well. Aynes has been able to create reports showing the classes students want along with desired break times. “Most schools roll the schedule from term to term. This finally gives us data about what they are looking for and what they want to take,” says Aynes. “This will allow us to build a better schedule and get away from that old process.”


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