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Student Billing and Payments Made Easy at the College at Brockport

No more “lost bills” with Nelnet’s QuikPAY® online payment system
University Business, Sept 2011
Nelnet QuikPAY

Since the College at Brockport, State University of New York, began using the QuikPAY system from Nelnet Business Solutions, the school doesn’t hear complaints about bills for student account payments being lost in the mail. And, in the first month of use, there’s been a dramatic 475 percent increase in the amount of online payments collected, according to Teresa Major, director of student accounts and accounting services.

“In the past, the students had to make sure parents got the bills. We would hear, ‘I never got the bill,’ or ‘We don’t live at that address anymore.’ And we couldn’t provide copies of statements. Believe me, there were problems,’’ said Major.

With Nelnet’s QuikPAY online billing and payment system, students can authorize their parents to make payments on their student accounts; payments can also be automatically deducted from a checking or savings account through the use of an installment payment plan. Account information and statements are available online, and both parents and students can get text messages reminding them how much they owe and when it’s due.

“They love that,’’ said Major. “We talked to students about what they wanted before we hired Nelnet. And this is how they want their information.’’

In her career in higher education, Major has worked with many billing methods. “I’ve been at six different colleges and I’ve experienced a lot of e-commerce solutions, so I can tell you what does and doesn’t work,’’ she said.

Unlike Nelnet’s QuikPAY, systems that weren’t geared to higher education sometimes complicated the process.

“I’ve used systems where you had to go through nine different screens to find the right button to pay,’’ she said. “With QuikPAY you log into our home page, you click a button, you’re right there. It’s so much easier for parents and students.’’

Nelnet customized its service to meet The College at Brockport’s needs. 

“They are so responsive. They tailor the product to your process rather than expecting your process to fit their system,’’ said Major.

  “With QuikPAY, you log into our home page, you click a button, you’re right there. It’s so much easier.”

Before they began using QuikPAY in April, the school used a system that was “cumbersome,’’ she explained. 

They interviewed several vendors, but when they talked to a Nelnet representative, the company immediately stood out.

“They shone above and beyond all the others,’’ Major said. “The sales rep was so passionate about the product and the extent of his knowledge was such that if we asked a question and he didn’t have the answer, he didn’t try to pass it off like he did. He would say ‘that’s a great question, let me find that information.’ The very next day we got a comprehensive document from him with all the answers. He even answered questions we forgot we asked.’’

In addition to Nelnet’s campus commerce system, the school uses the company’s services for parking permit payments and plans to use Nelnet for graduate admission applications. It also uses services that direct deposit tuition refunds to student accounts.

“We don’t house the student’s personal banking information. Nelnet takes care of that and it’s such a feeling of security for us,’’ said Major. “They process it on their end and everything stays safe. We feel it’s a huge service to our students.’’

From the start, things have gone smoothly with no glitches on Nelnet’s end, she said.

“Their implementation team was beyond amazing. In 20 years, it’s the best I’ve ever dealt with.’’

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