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Editor's Note

Something for Everyone

University Business, May 2011

If you haven’t made your plans yet for EduComm 2011, let me take this opportunity to tell you about the variety of fast-paced, information-packed breakout sessions scheduled for attendees. Covering a range of topics from learning technology and social media to enrollment strategies and leadership issues, the sessions are designed to inform and enlighten all decision makers at colleges and universities about the changes, challenges and solutions, that higher education must confront today and in the coming years. Here’s a look at a few of the more than 40 sessions and keynote presentations you can expect:

Everything You Wanted to Know About Lecture Capture, But Were Afraid to Ask. Research shows more than half of all universities already have a strategic plan for academic webcasting, more than a quarter of all students now take at least one online course, and analysts predict the lecture capture market is going to triple over the next five years. This session will answer your questions (and address misconceptions) about putting your lectures online.

EduComm 2011 will feature a wide range of fast-paced and information-packed breakout sessions.

University 2.0. The emergence of mobility, consumerization and the “always-on” web has become the norm for students in their personal lives. But, what will happen as the gap between what the student expects and what the faculty are comfortable with widens? Is it possible to offer enterprise applications services to today’s mobile student carrying a tablet or a smartphone? What must universities do to remain relevant? This session will examine these questions and provide a 36-month time line for implementing the right infrastructure to be successful.

Why Disruptive Technologies Fail to Disrupt Education. Disruptive technologies are often noted as the means to change the very foundations of education. However, these technologies have not produced the broad-scale changes many had hoped for. This session outlines the five basic roadblocks to disruptive change and discusses ways to use disruptive technologies in the classroom to bring about fundamental changes.

We All Have iPads... Now What? Last fall, Seton Hill University (Pa.) distributed more than 1,800 iPads and 700 MacBook laptops to students and faculty. This session looks at how this initiative enhanced the teaching and learning process with the integration of mobile technology resources.

Design Considerations for Effective Distance Learning. Sight and sound are crucial elements in the success of distance learning classrooms. But there is much more to consider than just the types of audio and video equipment to be used. This session looks at proper classroom acoustics, clear sight lines, proper lighting and seating arrangements that will benefit both students and instructors alike.


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