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Some higher ed job listings recovering from recession

Communications, sociology listings leading the way

Job listings for Ph.D.'s in the social sciences and humanities continue to recover from low points hit during the Great Recession, says a new report from the American Sociological Association.

Listing for positions in two disciplines, sociology and communications, have even surpassed pre-Recession peaks, according to “On the Road to Recovery: Findings from the ASA 2012-2013 Job Bank Survey.”

“These positive changes in sociology—and in other social science disciplines—differ from the most pessimistic predictions made about post-Recession academic employment, which suggested that the job crises would continue,” the report says.

The National Communications Association listed 661 positions for new PhDs in 2012, compared to a low of 351 in 2009. The American Sociological Association listed 386 of those positions in 2012, compared to 214 in 2009.

Jobs in history, economics and political science are recovering at a slower pace, the report says.

“The surplus of unplaced or under-placed scholars desiring academic positions will likely continue to make the job market challenging for newly-minted PhDs across the social sciences for several years to come,” the report says.