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Small/Medium Private Institution Winner: Bucknell University (Pa.)

University Business, Oct 2009

Small/Medium Institution Winner:

Strategic placement of food and beverage stations and a roomy servery keep things moving.

Bucknell University (Pa.)

Total full-time enrollment: 3,700

Institution type: Four-year private

Total number of campus dining facilities (includes any facility serving food; please explain): Twelve Dining Facilities- 2 resident dining - 3 faculty dining - 3 full retail - 4 seasonal athletic

Number of full-service dining facilities (serving three meals a day): 1

Square footage of each main dining facility: 10,000 square feet

Location(s) of full-service dining facility on campus: The Bostwick Martketplace located in the 2nd floor of the Elaine Langone Center

Name of any dining services provider/s: Parkhurst Dining Services, a division of the Eat’ n Park Hospitality Groups

If outsourced, please explain what services are outsourced.

1. Resident Dining Facility: Bostwick Marketplace Dining Room

2. Resident Dining Lunch Room: Terrace Room

3. Faculty Dining Room: The Refectory

4. Retail Food Court: The Bison

5. Coffee Shop/ Grab and Go facility: The Library Cafe

6. Retail 24 hour Coffee House: 7th Street Caf?

7. University Facilities Workers Lunch Room: The Facilities Caf?

8. University Administrators Lunch Room: Martz Hall Caf?

9. Two seasonal Football Stadium Concession Stands

10. Two seasonal Basketball/ Athletic Pavilion Concession Stands

11. Two seasonal Soccer/ Lacrosse ‘West Field’ Concession Stands

12. University Golf Course/ Clubhouse Dining Room

13. All Catering Services

The Elaine Langone Center, the building in which the Roy Grier Bostwick Memorial Dining Room is in, was built in 1970. The Dining Room was dedicated on October 9, 1971. A major renovation was undertaken in 2002. The cost of that renovation was $1.4 million. Since 2005, when Parkhurst Dining Services began providing Dining Management at Bucknell, several smaller renovations have occurred. In the summer of 2008, 3 hoods were added in the servery at service stations. Additionally a large hood was replaced at the same time. The cost was $150 K. Additional renovations of a grill at the Mongolian BBQ station and built in cook tops at the Egg Bar station occurred in January of 2009. The cost of those renovations was $10 K.

Initially we focused on the University Colors of Orange and Blue on our signage and marketing programs. Soon after a reimage by our company, Parkhurst Dining Services in 2006, we focused less on color then on the use of our Bucknell University Dining Logo. Our menus mirror the ethnic diversity and developed palate of our student body. We focus ? of our menu on traditionally prepared world cuisine with our Hemisflavors program. Additionally our guests insist on freshness in our offerings. We prepare everything to order at 3 of our stations: the Egg Bar, Mongo Bongo (our Mongolian BBQ concept) and Bravisimo (our kitchen forward concept).

There are 2 cashier stand entrances, opposite each other, bringing guests into the servery near the dining room. Entrances are also the exits, allowing flow to the dining room or to servery. This allows quick exit out either door. One wall of dining room is 4 large glass exit doors opening to the outside. This allows light to enter the dining room &guests to exit (potentially) if need be.

Other features are dishroom window located beside one entrance. Two beverage stations located out of line of vision of the servery in Dining Room, allows less congestion in the servery. 2 other stations, Ice Cream offerings and a ‘Wall of 16 cereals’ are adjacent to the dining room rather than the servery.

Unique feature of facility is back exit door wall at ground level and another wall of windows is two floors above ground level, allowing panoramic view of lower campus. The dining room is carpeted and trimmed in a variety of wood tones. Seating diagram allows easy access for guests to the full room. Tables & chair groupings allow intimate seating options as well as large group dining. Guest may sit in groups as of 4 or 8 or 16.

Bio-diesel Fuel provider 2007

Used oil processed into bio-diesel fuel.

Biodegradable & Recycled Products student & provider 2006 Biodegradable to-go containers, recycled napkins & serviceware in catering. Marketing materials printed on recycled paper

Reusable Mug Program student & provider 2007

“Be a Refiller” Program: $1.00 buy sticker for own 16 oz mug = price reduction on refills.

Trayless Dining/ Resident Dining provider 2008 Removed trays, two days/ week. Intend increase during the 09/10 year. 98% reduction of tray use/ 150 lbs of waste per day.

Locally Grown Dining provider 2005 Bi-annual Local & Organics Dinner. Features local product offerings & growers, farms, dairies and purveyors from community. Regularly purchase 25% of produce locally.

E-Comment Card dining provider 2007

‘Paperless’ comment input & response. Comments sent via email & responded to on E-comment board use digital picture frame, display responses.

Fair Trade Coffee student/ provider 2005

Community supports specific Nicaraguan coffee plantation community. We offer that coffee.

Student Sustainability Coordinators provider 2008

Developed position, modeled after Cornell University. Defines initiatives of importance to student body & facilitates ongoing dialogue w/ students. 2 students fill role.

Sustainability Councils student & provider 2007

Provider & University have Greening Councils. Have representation on both.

We have a constant presence by supervisory and management personnel in our facilities at all times. Our Chefs and staff interact with guests continually.

Along with offering normal paper comment cards we also have an e-comment board on display. This is an Electronic Photo Frame, which is programmed with comments we receive through email. We answer all comments unless they include profanity.

We undertake a 300 participant Guest Satisfaction Surveys each semester and hold several focus groups on specific topics each year.

We provide a much diversified menu program for guests with special dietary needs and prefer to generate specialized programming as we are tasked to do so by guests. We work closely with an on campus Nutritionist and supply private storage areas for the 1600+ meal plan participants on an as need basis.

Our Resident Dining Program is open 18 hours a day 7 days a week and includes unlimited access and one Take-Out meal at Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. We find it is extremely satisfying to our guests.

We offer Culinary staff a mandatory CIA web based Training Program and have a 17 chapter Associate Training Program that all staff must take part in regularly. We focus on Guest Service and Satisfaction constantly. We offer scholarship programs for associate staff at each location and promote from within whenever possible. We realize our most important asset is our staff and invest heavily in their guest satisfaction skills and personal well being.

We have an associate nominated Associate of the Quarter Program at each account. This culminates in an Associate of the Year Award.

The main resident dining facility, The Bostwick Marketplace, is a main stop on the tour of campus for perspective students. Student ambassadors from the Admissions office brings tour groups through the service area and speak to our program from central location. Often Management personnel present in the servery will chime in and take questions regarding special needs. The area shows extremely well and is often quoted as being not just a deciding factor for attendance but one which causes potential students to question other institutions programming.

Some days as many as 100 families tour the facility and a great number return after the tour to purchase a meal and experience the program.

We work extremely hard to keep our program both economically viable and well received by our guests. We have cultivated a great deal of ‘local food relationships’ which are both cost saving and higher in quality then the products available from our Big suppliers.

When we arrived at Bucknell, four years ago, the main entr?e (home style offerings) service area was, along with almost all other areas, self serve. The waste from this are from self-portioning was alarming and very wasteful. We corrected this by changing the style of service and having that area be served by associates. This is an example of the type of initiatives we introduce.

Each semester we monitor our income and without detracting from the program we strive to maintain a balance between costs and satisfaction.

New initiatives involve Trayless dining which impacts on tray waste and Marketing our programming through Large Screen Monitors we installed in the Dining Room.


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