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President's Letter


Greetings, and welcome to NEC Campus Report.

Technology influences all aspects of higher education, from teaching and learning to research and administration. We’ve produced NEC Campus Report to showcase some of our solutions for using technology to improve campus communications.

NEC Unified Solutions works with over 400 campuses representing all segments of the higher education market, including universities, colleges and community colleges of all sizes. We understand this environment because we listen closely to our customers and work with them as partners to create solutions appropriate to each institution’s business needs and security concerns. A good example is our 11-year business relationship with Riverside Community College in California, which is the subject of the article on Page 3.

At NEC, we view ourselves as a total solutions provider. For the higher education market, this means covering the campus. Our solutions address network management and security, campus safety, mobility and collaboration, classroom and distance learning, administrative productivity, fundraising and revenue generation, and student services.

You’ll find articles in these pages about some of the ways we help campuses meet their communication needs. For instance, the NEC Mobile WLAN, described on Page 4, extends learning, research and collaboration to remote sites. The Emergency Campus Notification solution, featured on Page 5, enhances campus security using our advanced telecommunications and digital signage solutions. And our implementations of VoIP, or Voice-over Internet Protocol, described on Page 6, are improving communications productivity.

You and your colleagues are dedicated to providing students with an exceptional education and a unique campus experience. At NEC, my colleagues and I are dedicated to supporting your mission with exceptional expertise in the design, implementation and deployment of unique campus communication solutions. Please let us know what you think about our publication.

With Best Regards,


Charlie Langdon

President, NEC Unified Solutions, Inc.