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Editor's Note

Our New Look

University Business, October 2012

With this issue we are pleased to introduce a new logo for the University Business  brand.

Longtime readers of the magazine might remember the original logo of University Business from its debut in 1998. The covers were adorned with a giant “U” and understated name, punctuated by a bold period and the unattached tagline “Solutions for Higher Education.”

A few years later, we went after a cleaner look, dropping both the punctuation and the tagline. We also made the name of the magazine more prominent, giving a greater emphasis to the word “business.”

Still another design tweak a few years later reintroduced the tagline in a more consolidated look. But we still had that giant “U” with which to contend.
We’ve always used the shorthand “UB” when referring to the magazine and our website, as do many of our readers. (We have a sister publication for the K-12 market called District Administration. It, too, has become more commonly known by its initials.)

The turning point came last year when we renamed our annual conference (formerly EduComm). It was a natural move to call it UBTech. We liked the strong logo, as well as the branding possibilities.

But, as we walked around the UBTech conference floor last June at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, we noticed a stark disconnect between the conference branding and that of our flagship product. There wasn’t much to tie one to the other. In fact, a number of conference attendees told us they weren’t even aware that the event was produced by the same group that publishes the magazine.

Hence, the redesign.

We want the UB brand identity to be the connecting point for the many things we do. From our print and digital publications and our many vertical newsletters, to our redesigned website, our conferences and special events, people will know the brand and what it stands for.
And, as the TV pitchmen say: But wait, there’s more!

UB is also increasing its frequency. This year, instead of the 10 issues we’ve produced since the recession of 2008, we’re adding an 11th issue in November (and returning to a monthly frequency in 2013). We’ll bring more of UB’s first-rate business journalism to the world of higher education, to keep you informed of current and emerging trends in all areas of university and college management.

Let us know what you think.