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Models of Efficiency (Fall 2010 Honorees)

Celebrating smarter ways of working
University Business, Nov 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, campus officials still have concerns about economic realities, but as many in higher education have learned firsthand, a department doesn't need an overabundance of budget dollars and staff members to operate effectively. In fact, tighter budgets bring on creative problem solving, and it's entirely possible to save time and money while raising service to a higher level.


The fall 2010 Models of Efficiency honorees prove it. One institution's information technology department worked with athletics administrators on a software application to cut back on the time needed for monitoring athletic eligibility, and now more time can be invested in helping athletes succeed academically. Another IT department brought help desk operations in-house and hired students for the job, saving money while providing quicker service and also preparing them for their future careers. The campus safety department at one institution is doing the same, training student security patrol members to help fulfill the department's mission and goals to accommodate enrollment growth. Those students are now state-licensed security guards who will have the advantage of professional experience while pursuing four-year degrees and launching careers in law enforcement.

A business school's career center, meanwhile, has launched a conveniently located resume assistance program to even more directly help busy non-traditional students in their job search. And another institution has helped student teachers, tutors, researchers, and facilitators get their stipend payments in a more timely manner by automating the process.

Admissions offices continue to figure out ways to operate more efficiently, as well. There's the improved workflow processes in reviewing applications at one campus, and the data analysis done by the office in another campus that has made recruitment mailings more targeted while producing significant savings in the postage budget.

These and other current Models of Efficiency honorees were again selected by the

University Business editorial team, with the assistance of two external judges:

  • Henry Saas, bursar at Xavier University (Ohio)
  • Lisa Vinciguerra, assistant director of Student Accounts at State University of New York at Oswego.

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