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University Business, Jun 2007

The Gateway E-155C Thin & Light Convertible Notebook is designed to offer the benefits of tablet computing in a thin form factor that starts at 4.5 pounds and is just 1.17 inches thick. With keyboard, digital pen, and touch-screen input capabilities infused into a single mobile device optimized for Microsoft Windows Vista, this notebook allows users to access information, applications, and multimedia content, as well as take handwritten notes, draw diagrams, edit documents, and have full PC functionality. Its features, such as a 12-inch widescreen display, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and a biometric fingerprint reader, are optimized for mobile computing. The starting price is $1,849.99. Also new is a small-form- factor desktop PC, the E-2610, which is optimized for Microsoft Windows Vista and features the Intel 945 chipset, a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo dual-core processors, three BTX case options, and a choice of hard drives. It is available for $599 and up. For more information visit

The web-based GreenRide Campus Edition Ride-Sharing Management Program can help users find ride-share partners who live near them and who have similar class schedules, destinations, and preferences. The University of Florida signed on to reduce employee commuting traffic to, from, and on campus. Every GreenRide site has a savings calculator to help users determine how much they are saving (in gas, tolls, and parking fees) and see how much pollution they would eliminate. The base price for GreenRide, provided by Ecology and Environment, is $4,900 per campus the first year, including hosting, licenses, upgrades, and technical support. After that, a "loyalty discount" kicks in; the price is reduced to $4,700 for the second year, $4,500 for the third. Visit

Adding multimedia content to an institutional website can be easy with the Box Widget from This storage service is Flash-based, so compatibility issues shouldn't arise. After setting up a private account, users can upload documents, images, and video through an intuitive, drag and drop interface. Files can then be published to a website or blog by cutting and pasting the HTML code the site provides. Administrative access to the target site is needed. The basic service is free and provides 1 GB of storage space. The premium level is 5 GB for $7.95 per month, and the professional level is 15GB for $19.95 per month. The professional version provides password protection, group collaboration, and the ability to customize the box. Learn more at

Epson has released PowerLite 1810p and 1815p projectors. Both models were designed to provide six-second automatic image adjustment, and offer up to 45-degree vertical and 30- degree horizontal keystoning capabilities (to fix a distorted screen image), along with a 1.6x zoom ratio. The A/V Mute Slide feature enables a presenter to create a quick pause to emphasize a point. There are eight color modes, including blackboard and theater, as well as color control and two brightness levels.

Priced at $2,699 (1810p) and $2,999 (1815p), the projectors are designed to be portable, at 6.5 pounds and 6.9 pounds, respectively.

Also new is the PowerLite 83c. Delivering up to 2200 ANSI lumens of brightness, it has a seven-watt speaker, a builtin closed captioning decoder, wired LAN connectivity for easy monitoring and control, and energy-efficient lamp technology. It weighs 6.4 pounds and is priced at $899. To learn more, visit

GoalQuest has released a new version of its first-year experience tool. In addition to the custom written content and self-assessment tools of the original version, FYRe 2.0 has new "virtual mentors" to help students learn how to deal with different situations. The clips cover everything from eating disorders to depression and have special sections for student athletes. Students submitted actual experiences, and actors perform in the video clips. When appropriate, student users are directed to appropriate resources on campus. Existing customers can add this module to round out existing themes in their program. Take a tour at

Pelco has released two new monitor lines. The Pelco 500 Series large format LCD monitors have a thin profile that makes wall mounting easy and maximizes space. Low energy consumption, a long life cycle with no burn-in, and High Definition image quality are their features. Five different screen sizes range from 23 to 42 inches; prices range from $1,992 to $4,474. The Pelco 600 Series large format Plasma monitors provide HD image quality, true color reproduction for detail, wide viewing angles, and a slim space-saving design. New pixel-shifting technology, which optimizes display life when used to view static images, makes them ideal for video security applications. Three different screens are available, including 42-, 50-, and 60-inch sizes. Prices range from $3,976 to $14,110. For more information, visit

The MCP1000 ADV Media Converter from Broadata is a high performance, fiber optic media converter system for broadcast and multimedia audio/video/data (AVD) delivery. It can be used for facility to studio linking, remote broadcasting, and in the master control room. It converts between fiber and copper interfaces for a wide variety of AVD signals. It supplements routing switches for "as needed" fiber/copper conversion. When used in conjunction with a matrix switch, the system extends the distance or reach of matrix switch signals without a reduction in bandwidth or at the high cost of fiber optic based switching. The MCP1000 is available in two packaging options: a rugged, standalone unit housed in a compact case, or a plug-in card for the company's 19-inch 3RU card cage system. This is a card frame product, and depending on the functions that are populated, pricing can range from $100 per card to $2,000 per card. Visit

HID Global has expanded its FlexSmart line with heavy-duty keypad readers for high-traffic use areas. The FlexSmart MIFARE HID Format Secure Keypad Reader works with HID cards, while the MIFARE Custom Keypad Reader and the DESFire Custom Keypad Reader can read third-party cards as well. The systems operate with access cards and PIN numbers, either in combination or separately. Prices range from $400 to $600.

Also new is the Power-over- Ethernet ready Edge line. Currently available are EdgeReader, an integrated contactless smart card reader and access control processor, and EdgePlus, an access control processor that works with any reader. Edge solutions incorporate the new OPIN API technology platform, permitting current and future host software choices without the need to install new hardware and making the solution adaptable to an organization's changing security needs. Configuration choices are Edge Solo, a stand-alone solution for single door applications that is remotely managed through a standard web browser, and Edge Host, designed for larger systems with thousands of doors and multiple facilities, which ties back to an enterprise's host software. Prices range from $400 to $570. For more details, visit

ClassACT, a portable public address system by Anchor Audio, can receive a signal from a range of about 40 feet and is designed to ensure a clear, continuous signal no matter where the presenter moves. The system weighs 7.5 pounds and delivers up to 101 decibels of sound to groups of 100 or more. An unlimited number of systems can be daisy- chained together for better sound distribution and cover in large environments. All inputs are built in. With the wireless microphone option, users are free to move around the room and are able to use both hands for tasks such as whiteboard writing. The system retails for $723.

Also new is the MiniVox, a 5-pound megaphone with a wireless receiver powered by nine "C" cell batteries. It can deliver 108dB's of intelligible speech from a small, self-contained portable sound system and was designed for users with no technical knowledge. Prices are $326 (wired) and $778 (wireless). See

Developed in collaboration with the University of Georgia's Alternative Media Access Center, Premier Assistive Technology's PDF Equalizer is making alternative media into accessible media for students to easily access electronic books directly from the publisher. It lets users access alternative documents directly in native PDF form from the publisher without inconvenient, inefficient, or messy conversions. This allows students to read a book in its original format straight from the publisher. The "Audio Converter" option allows a user to turn any part of a book into an MP3 file; built-in "Notes" and "Bookmarking" features are also included. Users not only can type notes, but they can copy images, charts, equations, and chemical formulas from the book (and other sources) into their notes. PDF Equalizer can also translate books on the fly to and from five different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. It is priced at $89.95. For more information, visit

For those seeking to produce cost-effective DVDs and CDs, Disc Makers has launched the Disc Makers Medley, a disc duplicator and printer designed for a range of uses requiring DVD or CD duplication and on-disc printing. It automates ripping of audio CDs by integrating with iTunes and Windows Media Player. The system includes a one year parts/labor warranty and one year of free tech support. It's priced at $1,799. Also new: ReflexBlu2 ($2,999) and ReflexBlu4 ($4,999), which give users the ability to create, edit, and duplicate customized Blu-Ray discs (BD-Rs), DVD-Rs, and CD-Rs all in one piece of equipment. The ReflexBlu2 can duplicate two BD-Rs per hour, four DVDRs per hour, and seven CD-Rs per hour. The ReflexBlu4 can handle four BD-Rs per hour, eight DVD-Rs per hour, and 14 CD-Rs per hour. Each unit includes a disc creation software suite. Visit

Toshiba's Satellite A205 and Satellite P205 notebooks, featuring 802.11n technology, have bandwidth and transfer speeds up to five times faster than the previous standard.

The Satellite A205 series model comes standard with a 15.4-inch diagonal widescreen display with TruBrite technology and a DVD SuperMulti drive that reads and writes in up to 11 formats, as well as a built-in webcam. Select models feature the new wireless LAN technology as well as Labelflash, a fusion of software and hardware to burn high-quality images and text onto special Labelflash DVD-R disks. Prices start at $999.99.

The Satellite P205 series models contain a 17-inch diagonal widescreen TruBrite display while sporting a full sized keyboard with 10-key pad for easy numerical entry, as well as a DVD SuperMulti drive, built-in webcam, and Labelflash. Select models feature the new wireless LAN technology for greater bandwidth and transfer speeds, with prices starting at $999.99. More information on the notebooks can be found at

To help eliminate excess spending on printing and copying, Pharos Systems International is fusing Canon MEAP Technology with its Integrated MultiFunction Printer, a cost- recovery solution for Canon multifunction printers. The combination of Pharos Uniprint software and Canon's MEAP technology aims to eliminate the need, space, and expense associated with using separate devices for different functions. Users can print, copy, scan, fax, and e-mail directly from the touch-panel display. The Pharos iMFP for Canon provides ID card or touch-panel authentication, user-based job accounting, secure printing, departmental chargeback, and color printing control. Built-in color printing control features are designed to both limit and manage color printing by user group or application. The iMFP also provides information about the cost of print jobs before they're released for printing. The iMFP is available on 25 different models of color and blackand- white products, from 22 to 105 pages per minute, and is in the $300- $500 price range, with volume discounts available. Additional software is required to complete the entire solution. All installations require a server software component, printer, copier, and iMFP device licenses, and, in many cases, a client/workstation component. Prices for installations vary, starting at $5,000. Visit

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