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University Business, Jul 2005

Polycom's Honors Education Program offers IHEs deep discounts to expand and enhance distance and interactive learning. The program also partners with United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), giving free membership to USDLA and specialized applications training and curriculum content provided by the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC). The Honors Education Program provides up to a 60 percent discount to Polycom's current and new end-users on purchases of Polycom communication platforms, any classroom package, Multipoint Control Units (MCU), software solutions, and maintenance contracts. For more information, visit

Cheating on tests is an issue of critical importance in IHEs today. Integrity is designed to evaluate the performance of multiple-choice assessments, as well as to investigate potential collusion on multiple-choice exams. Integrity is a tool for those who create and administer multiple-choice assessments, helping them evaluate and improve the quality of their tests. By improving the quality of multiple-choice assessments, educators will obtain more accurate information about what their students know and can do, while improving the assessment experience of their students. Detailed summaries of the overall test performance are provided with direction on how to use the information to improve assessments. For more information, visit

Bitlogix Software unveiled NetControl Advanced 1.8, the latest version of the audiovisual control software for LAN/WAN environments. NetControl includes driver support for the latest network projectors from Eiki, Epson, Hitachi, and Sharp, and dramatically increases asset management and monitoring capabilities, allowing customers to control projectors and LCD monitors with a real software-based control solution. Key features of NetControl Advanced 1.8 are the tight integration of two new Lantronix network interfaces, UDS-10 and UDS-100, into the automated search function of NetControl and the new driver support of various network projectors. NetControl now supports over 380 different projectors. NetControl offers a powerful theft control engine that allows users to monitor connected audiovisual devices. For more information, visit

DyKnow Vision is software that fosters interactive classroom instruction. The software works with interactive whiteboards and desktop, laptop and tablet PCs. The notes the teacher creates on the whiteboard appear on computers in front of students. Students can add their personal notes to the lesson on their computers. Vision engages learners in class through electronic note-delivery and collaborative note-taking capabilities. Students can playback notes to review them for exams. For more information, visit

With the release of Mac OS X Tiger (10.4), Apple's newest operating system includes powerful tools that complement the way most of us work. For many users, the most valuable feature may be Spotlight, a system-wide search function that can find text strings anywhere, including documents, images, music files, contact lists, and e-mail. Forget what you called that fundraising letter? Just type in a few words or a phrase from the letter and Spotlight will locate every instance of those words. Apple has put a lot of effort into making the new features user-friendly so they don't obstruct workflow. Click an icon and the translucent Dashboard overlay appears, featuring a collection of tiny applications called widgets. Widgets let users locate an address or phone number, find a definition, translate a phrase, check stock prices, and more. Click again, and Dashboard vanishes just as quickly. Another feature called Automator helps users automate complex or repetitive tasks, and requires no knowledge of scripting or coding. Simply choose from a library of more than 150 actions and drag them into a step-by-step workflow window. Then click a button to compile the automation, which can be saved to use again, or shared with others. Tiger retails for $129 (single user license). Find out more at

TeachItForward announced income-generating enhancements to the TeachItForward suite of assessment testing products that will allow educators to earn income while improving test scores, training, certification and performance. Faculty members can create their own free websites--in less than 15 minutes--that contain advanced test-authoring and grading tools. Tests can be offered for free or can be billed, all from within the teacher's site and with no knowledge of programming required. All an instructor needs is internet access. To set up a free account, teachers, professors and test-authoring professionals can visit and click on "Free Trial."

Hobsons unveiled its suite of customized enrollment management technology solutions designed specifically for recruiting and enrolling international students. The International Recruiting Technology Solutions are the first step in building a more customized technology offering for specific niche functions within the higher education community. The customized solutions include functionality unique to international recruitment needs, such as language converters for online FAQ systems, data import plug-ins designed to accept and manage specific forms of data often purchased and used by the international admissions office, and workflow-based inquiry forms that help provide the right admissions information and forms to students based on their countries of origin. For more information, visit

Thanks to a new technology called LightScribe used by Toshiba, CD and DVD creators can burn professional-quality labels directly onto their discs using the same laser in the drive that burned digital content. IHEs no longer need a printer to create high-quality labels for CD and DVD discs. For more information, visit

Endeavor Information Systems' new Endeavor Meridian is an enterprise-level electronic resource management system. Providing a single, cost-effective database about a library's electronic collections, Endeavor Meridian reduces the staff effort traditionally required to manage, deliver and analyze e-content while providing improved service to patrons. Among the benefits are: the ability to more effectively manage a library's growing electronic resources by supporting the complex relationships between resources, packages through which they are acquired, and the licenses that govern their use; provides staff throughout the library with easy access to the information they need in order to manage their electronic resources; dynamically integrates with Endeavor's Voyager ILS to present bibliographic, holdings and acquisitions data often critical to e-resource management; improves a library's ability to support a wide range of patron activities and needs, while enabling staff greater control over electronic resources which boosts their productivity and efficiency. For more information, visit

Questionmark announced the release of Perception Version 4, the assessment management system that enables educators and trainers to create, deliver, and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Version 4 includes workflow management, distributed authoring, drag-and-drop publishing, WYSIWYG HTML authoring, and powerful content management capabilities all of which make it easier to organize, store, secure, and publish assessment content. Using Version 4, authors can include prescriptive learning content within the Perception repository and easily link to it from question, topic or assessment feedback. It is also possible now to send email messages to participants or administrators at the end of an assessment. For more information, visit

Maplesoft announced Maple 10, which, by shifting the emphasis from creating math to making it more accessible and easy to use, increases researchers' productivity, provides teachers a better environment for developing customized curriculum and lowers the learning curve for students. Single-user academic licenses of Maple 10 are available for $995. Volume, upgrade, and student discounts apply. Maple 10 is available directly from the Maplesoft web store at

Canon announced that Crestron Electronics has created a software application that is designed to seamlessly integrate Canon's Realis SX50 high-resolution multimedia projector into Crestron system environments. The new application will allow the Realis SX50 multimedia projector to work in a range of offices and classrooms that use the Crestron automated system. The projector offers users 1400 x 1050 SXGA+ resolution and one of its features is its ability to project a 100-inch image from 9.8 feet away with its 1.7x projector zoom lens. Weighing in at 8.6 pounds, the Realis SX50 can be used in classrooms and corporate boardrooms. The multimedia projector is currently available for a suggested list price of $4,999. For more information, visit

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