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University Business, Oct 2004

Cultivate lifelong donor and alumni relationships with Talisma Advancement CRM, the latest addition to Talisma's CRM Suite for Higher Education. Designed for university advancement, placement, development, alumni relations, and marketing departments, the Talisma Advancement CRM allows users to create marketing campaigns, newsletters, and surveys, as well as scripting for telephone-based fundraisers and a location to log details of the call. It also executes credit card donations, provides automated responses via e-mail, and enables constituents and university representatives to text chat in real time. Pricing starts at $50,000 per modular component. For more information, visit

Quick Logix has introduced NetControl 1.5 Advanced Package, a new software tool for audiovisual applications. Designed to help control and maintain audiovisual equipment over an TCP/IP network, NetControl 1.5 features a powerful graphical user interface and gives users the ability to do remote maintenance from their computer without actually seeing the device. Pricing for NetControl 1.5 software starts at $1,073. For more information, visit

Chief Manufacturing's UPA Series Universal Projector Mount includes four models designed to fit most current projectors on the market: UPA-1000 standard mount, UPA-1001 with Flush Ceiling Kit, UPA-1002 with 13- to 23-inch Extension Kit, and the UPA-1003 with 23- to 43-inch Extension Kit. The UPA series includes Chief's All-Points security system that locks the projector and mount at all key connection points. Prices range from $229 for the UPA-1000 to $349 for the UPA-1003. For more information, visit

Mirapoint offers Enterprise Suite, a complete, secure, and integrated e-mail solution, that includes carrier-grade reliable desktop, Web, and wireless e-mail, group calendaring, address book services, and virus and spam protections. The Enterprise Suite includes all application and OS software, server hardware, and storage. Pricing for Enterprise Suite depends on the number of users. For more information, visit

Safeguard your campus with Prepared America's newly launched Schools of America, an online emergency preparation and planning tool. Institutions can customize content to meet their specific needs, whether they require aerial maps, floor plans and blueprints, emergency contact information, or site specific hazardous materials information. In an emergency, fire, police, or medical personnel can have instant secure access to the online information, which can be accessed from any online location. Pricing is $550 per building, plus a $150 annual license renewal fee per building. For more information, visit

Epson has added two new printers to its Stylus product line: the C66 and C86, both of which produce text, documents and frame-ready borderless photographs. Featuring DURABrite inks that resist water and won't fade or smudge, the models offer up to 5760 x 1440 dpi with variable sized droplets to ensure quality and detailing. In addition, they offer individual ink cartridge systems with black printing on glossy media for more realistic and sharper images. The Stylus 66 ($69) prints up to 17 pages per minute, while the Stylus 86 ($99) prints 12 per minute. For more information, visit

InFocus Corporation introduced its newest meeting room projector, the InFocus LP600, which offers a PC-free playback system that allows users to project JPG images from a USB flash drive without a computer or CD drive. The LP600 also features the latest LCD technology and delivers 2000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Pricing for the LP600 is $3,299. For more information, visit

Integrate your student information and course management systems in real time with SCT Luminis Data Integration for e-learning 3.0, SunGard SCT's latest e-learning and administrative solution. The software not only connects WebCT, Blackboard, and other e-learning systems, but it also simplifies administrative tasks and reduces data-entry redundancies for faculty, decreases grading policy errors, and provides students with seamless, timely access to their grades and other data. Pricing is tier-based and varies by institution. For more information, visit

If you're not tracking your campus' energy consumption for all utilities including gas, electricity, water, and steam, then you could be throwing money away. With RightEnergy, E-Mon's energy submetering system, you can better understand when, where, and how much energy is being used, so that you can adjust usage and affect cost savings. In addition, RightEnergy has the capacity to compare energy usage over time, determine which processes are not energy-efficient, manage bill tenants, and interface with existing energy management automation systems. RightEnergy retails for $2,961. For more information, visit

With Polyvision's Web-based RoomWizard Scheduling System, you can avoid the "where are we meeting?" hassle. Featuring red and green lights that signal a room's availability from a distance, RoomWizard is able to capture room occupancy and reservation patterns, thus giving users insight into the needs and actual use of shared spaces. Each RoomWizard sign displays its meeting hosts, topic, and time. RoomWizard retails for $2,150. For more information, visit

From Gunnebo Omega comes the OptiStile 220SB, anti-tailgating technology that is ideal for environments where space is limited and high security is required. More than a standard optical turnstile, the OptiStile 220SB can be set to either "pop-out" when an unwanted user enters the lane or to open only upon presentation of valid access control card. When a user enters a lane without a valid access card, the lane will signal an alarm and the barrier arms will remain in the way. The OptiStile 220SB, which functions automatically. For more information and pricing, visit

From Panasonic comes the PT-L785U, a portable, high-brightness XGA LCD projector designed for small-to-mid size venues. Offering 3200 lumens and a 500:1 contrast ratio, the 12.8-pound PT-L785U offers advanced digital processing technologies such as cinema scan circuitry, a 3D Digital Comb Filter, and Dynamic Sharpness Control which is said to reproduce crisp, clear images. The PT-L785U retails for $5,999. For more information, visit

PolyVision Corporation has unveiled its new Walk-and-Talk Cordless Lectern, allowing users to present anytime and from anywhere. Featuring an interactive flat-panel display and a battery-powered, adjustable-height lectern, presenters can access files, run applications with a stylus, fingertips, or use a remote control. The Walk-and-Talk Cordless Lectern retails for $6,299. For more information, visit

Roaring Penguin Software has debuted its CanIt-PRO anti-spam solution. Designed for use in any enterprise e-mail environment including Linux and UNIX servers, CanIt-PRO features a simple user interface, flexible global rule sets that won't accept mail that appears to be spam (unlike other programs that accept the mail and then quarantine or delete it), and pre-user controls that allow users to set different filtering rules for various user groups. Pricing is based on the volume of users. For more information, visit

Help Desk Technology Corporation has upgraded its HelpSTAR help desk software that provides integration with Active Directory Services as well as an enhanced Web interface. HelpSTAR is based on the .NET Web services to speed up navigation. New "local tasks" and "dynamic help" buttons make it easy to access window-specific tasks and assistance, without moving to other screens or scrolling through help menus. Pricing for HelpSTAR begins at $2,495. For more information, visit

GoalQuest has introduced Version 2.5 of its suite of communication tools offering more than a dozen new features and upgrades, including UPeers. With UPeers, users can interact through instant messaging, create their own public profiles, and build connections with other students. Other features include "Plug-and-Play" SIS Integration, which moves user data seamlessly to and from existing SIS platforms while minimizing the workload of an institution's IT department, and Direct Hit, which allows users to customize content according to students' interests. Pricing for Version 2.5 begins at $40,000. For more information, visit

From Distance Learning comes ScribeStudio, a web site that allows users to create, offer, and manage information and course materials online. Complete with multiple page templates, 15 built-in question types, and varied content such as video, audio, text and images, users can author, migrate, upload, publish, teach, and if desired, charge for their online training programs. Monthly ScribeStudio subscriptions begin at $99. For more information, visit

Enhance the video communication experience with Tandberg's Maestro, which turns projectors and large screen displays into interactive video systems with true CD-quality audio, enhanced by an optional satellite speaker system. Designed for medium-to large-sized meeting rooms, Maestro features wide angle view camera with extensive zoom, pan and tilt, powerful live presentations through one-step PC plug-in or LAN connection, the ability to view presentations and the presenter simultaneously, and join up to six video sites and five audio sites with embedded MultiSite functionality. Pricing of the Maestro starts at $25,490. For more information, visit

Open Text has released FirstClass 8.0, a unified messaging system that enables communication across many messaging mediums. New features of the software include IM capabilities which support text, images, voice, and attachments, presence management, which indicates online status for all users, the integration of FirstClass into corporate meta-directory environments, and security enhancements. First Class 8.0 is currently being used at the University of Texas-Austin and retails for $495. For more information, visit

Project onto any surface with Silicon Optix's AnyPlace-BEX, a graphic/video scaler that features edge blending and color matching. AnyPlace-BEX also offers keystone correction for flexible projector placement, geometric correction for projection onto curved, spherical, or irregularly shaped screens, and a wide range of signal input. AnyPlace-BEX retails for $5,495. For more information, visit

Dell's new Inspiron 700m features the company's first 12.1-inch wide-screen LCD display for a notebook. The wide-screen format allows for enhanced DVD viewing, while Intel's new Dothan processor--designed specifically for notebooks--incorporates power-management features for extended battery time. Weighing just over 4 pounds, the Inspiron 700m boasts a silver and white color scheme, and retails for $1,499. For more information, visit

Campuses are improving emergency response and contingency planning with XTEND Communications' suite of E911 systems. These include its pc/psap system, which provides an E911 workstation for call center operators and TESS product line which offers an immediate response to emergency situations. Another features is Enterprise Alert emergency notification, which allows schools to interface with the public 911 network while also alerting campus security. For more information, visit

palmOne is offering a new level of wireless connectivity for its Tungsten T3 and Zire 72 handheld users. With its first Wi-Fi card, which contains a built-in 802.11b radio, users can connect to the Internet anytime they are within a range of a Wi-Fi access point or hotspot. Unlike Bluetooth technology that can wirelessly link devices within 30 feet of each other, Wi-Fi can provide faster, secure wireless access within 100-300 feet of a wireless access point. The Wi-Fi card retails for $129. For more information, visit

O'Reilly Media and Pearson Technology Group have introduced SafariU, a new web platform for publishing custom textbooks and building course materials online. With SafariU, users can build custom textbooks using content from PTG and O'Reilly books, along with other materials they choose. Students, in turn, get online access to these course materials, including the contents of every book excerpted in the custom book. Through SafariU's Learning Object Exchange, users have free access to all the learning objects created by their peers around the world. SafariU is offered to professors free of charge. For more information, visit

Christie has debuted the DS+25, a new small, high-resolution single-chip digital projector. Utilizing the latest DLPT Darkchip2 technology, the Christie DS+25 features 2500 lumens brightness and up to 4,000 hours of operation from a single lamp, a 4:3 aspect ratio, and a 2500:1 contrast ratio. It is ideal for conference rooms, simulation, and boardrooms. The DS+25 retails for $14,495. For more information, visit

Keep track of your digital photos with iPhoto 4 from Apple, which launches, scrolls, deletes, views, sorts, and resizes images faster than before. It also allows users the ability to create Smart Albums, which can find photos based on specific criteria you input. With Rendezvous photo sharing, users can share these images with other users in your network. In addition, iPhoto 4 offers more musical selections and allows users to play more than one song per slideshow. iPhoto 4 retails for $49 and comes bundled free with every new Mac. For more information, visit

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