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University Business, Aug 2005

Epson has introduced two sub-$1,000 color multifunction laser printers. The AcuLaser CX11N and AcuLaser CX11NF (priced at $699 and $799, respectively) offer higher-ed customers the ability to print, copy, and scan documents with business-level productivity and photo-quality results. Both printers are designed primarily for customers who work in small offices or workgroups. The AcuLaser CX11NF is a step-up model from the AcuLaser CX11N, adding a 50-page automatic document feeder and 33.6 Kbps Super G3 faxing with color support. Both models print up to 25 pages per minute of sharp-text monochrome documents and up to 5 pages per minute of photographic color output. They can also copy a monochrome document in 12 seconds and a color document in 29 seconds. For more information, visit

U-Vault is the higher education offering of the off-site data protection solution from MCG, Inc. The software assures that students' valuable school and personal information will not be lost. Scheduled backups can be performed over any internet connection. Backups are wrapped with 448-bit encryption to prevent unauthorized access, yet administrators can get files back with a simple command. U-Vault pilot programs can be arranged to evaluate the product in a university setting, including student surveys to assess the value proposition for the university. Pricing starts at $25 per student per year. For more information, visit

The College Access Marketing (CAM) website was created by the Pathways to College Network as a resource for any IHE interested in using marketing techniques to help increase college enrollment. Administrators can visit the site to learn effective strategies, avoid common mistakes, and find creative ideas. Available tools include worksheets and templates created by experts in social marketing, as well as campaign planning materials. Reports, research papers, and resources from the field are also accessible on the site, where most items are free. For more information, visit

Xerox Corporation has unveiled 24 new office multifunction systems, printers, digital copiers, and software programs, along with IT services, designed to track, analyze, and optimize how customers manage fleets of office devices. Xerox also announced a capability that allows office customers to manage Xerox network devices alongside Hewlett-Packard products through peripheral management software. The new plug-ins for HP Web Jetadmin software--based on open standards and developed in conjunction with HP--enable customers to manage Xerox printers with a mixed set of office equipment brands and accessories. Starting retail prices range from $899 for the Phaser 8500 solid ink color printer up to $40,495 for the DocuColor 240/250 color multifunction systems. Prices for the CopyCentre digital copiers and WorkCentre and WorkCentre Pro multifunction devices start at $6,075. For more information, visit

Nelnet has announced Dynamic Forms, which can help institutions move their paper-based or static electronic forms to a more interactive medium. This solution captures all input data from students and parents electronically, and it allows individual schools to define their own output content and customize the format structure. This allows for seamless importation into either a school information system or an existing imaging system. Nelnet also stores the data so schools whose systems don't have a particular field still have access to that information electronically. Students can complete and submit their forms electronically, which means no more mailing or hand delivering forms to the appropriate office. All data is stored electronically. For more information, visit

GTCO CalComp has released Version 3.2 of the InterWrite PRS Software that powers its classroom response system, InterWrite PRS. The upgraded software expands instructors' options for developing and delivering questions and lessons using PRS. A new mode allows students to answer PRS questions at their own pace. Those using the Macintosh operating system can now create and deliver questions in PowerPoint with an add-in module. Another add-in aims to simplify class roster management for educators using Blackboard Learning Systems by enabling students to register their transmitters when they log into their Blackboard class site. Updates are free to existing users and can be downloaded at: The cost for new education users is $1,466 for a receiver box and 32 PRS transmitters. Customers can receive free online training for InterWrite PRS from online video tutorials or live online training sessions.

Jenzabar offers JICS 6.0, the latest version of its Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution web portal. It was designed with input from staff, faculty, and student users of Jenzabar portals deployed in numerous institutions. JICS was designed to deliver heightened security, customization and tight integration with administrative systems. The JICS 6.0 web portal has improved functionality, addressing the shortcomings of most currently available solutions while delivering the value associated with a single point-of-entry, and role-specific content. List price for the base portal starts at around $34,000 for an institution with up to 500 students. For more information, visit

Centra Software has introduced Centra 7 Version 7.5, designed to provide enhanced support for organizational acceptance of enterprise applications. Three new add-on components can provide a complete solution of integrated software, services and best practices. Created to address the many challenges of application implementation, end-user adoption, and user competency, Centra 7.5 includes a new performance support system and sophisticated live help component for personalized, on-the-job learning. These components can lower production application support costs and increase compliance to standard business processes. Enhanced custom reporting capabilities allow for program and progress measurement tied to enterprise applications. Components of the application and add-on modules can be licensed separately, or together as a complete enterprise online learning and training environment that can be installed on-site or accessed through Centra's secure ASP. A variety of licensing and pricing options are available; pricing for Centra's virtual classroom offering starts at $35,000 for 50 named seats, or $2,500 per concurrent seat per year. For more information, visit

Blue Squirrel, maker of the anti-spam software Spam Sleuth, is issuing a free edition called Spam Sleuth Lite, which helps eliminate e-mail spam, viruses, and phishing scams for a single e-mail account before they can reach an inbox. Using the Turing feature, Spam Sleuth Lite sends a challenge e-mail message back to senders, and proves if the sender is a human or a mindless machine. Spam Sleuth, on the other hand, is a powerful anti-spam points system that uses a highly structured approach for identifying and blocking spam attacks. When e-mail messages are sent Spam Sleuth analyzes them for spam, phishing scams, and virus characteristics. Messages deemed spam are not passed along to the e-mail inbox. A report is available for each message so that users know exactly why an e-mail is not or is deemed spam. E-mail users will receive and read messages the same way they always have, but without sorting through the junk e-mail to find the gems. New features of Spam Sleuth's Version 4.0, meanwhile, include enhanced anti-virus protection, an auto responder, updated blacklists, and additional junk e-mail blocking capabilities. For more information, visit

Blackboard launched its latest software release, Application Pack Three, for the Blackboard Academic Suite. Application Pack Three offers many new features to help enhance teaching and learning, including multi-language support for online courses, adaptive release functionality (which enables instructors to create custom learning paths for students), and several enhancements to the Blackboard assessment engine. In addition, the new release creates a bridge between the Blackboard Academic Suite and the Blackboard Commerce Suite platform, which connect users to a universal account for various on- and off-campus activities, purchases, and facilities access. Application Pack Three is a free upgrade to existing Blackboard clients, with a one-time set-up fee for clients who wish to install an e-commerce gateway to bridge the Blackboard Community System between the Blackboard Academic Suite and the Blackboard Commerce Suite. Pricing varies for new clients based on the number of products purchased and the number of users for the applications. For more information, visit

Lantronix has launched the UBox family of external USB device servers, enabling many standard off-the-shelf USB devices to be connected, shared, and controlled over LAN/WAN networks or the internet. While USB is a standard interface used in many consumer devices, it was designed to connect electronics peripherals to a single computer. Lantronix's UBox, a USB-to-Ethernet interface, now makes it possible to connect and share many products previously not considered as part of the office network, including multifunction printers, scanners, storage subsystems, security ID devices, card readers, bar code scanners, and PDAs. The suggested retail price is $179. For more information, visit

Unicon now offers solutions to educational institutions that adopt Sakai as their Collaborative Learning Environment, a framework that can also act as a course management system. Specific services include Sakai installation, hosting, integration, technical support, and custom training. Sakai has also been integrated with Unicon's software product suite, Academus. This suite combines the administrative functions, collaborative activities, and learning endeavors of an institution through an enterprise portal. In addition, the company plans to offer Sakai and uPortal, an open source portal developed by institutions of higher education, integration in the near future. For more information, visit the Sakai Project at

Gateway has three new E-Series managed desktops and two new performance flat panel LCDs. In addition, the company's range of business desktops, from entry-level to high-performance, now feature the innovative BTX design, which aims to increase reliability of key components by up to 82 percent over traditional ATX designs. The E-Series line includes an all 64-bit processor selection, DDR2 memory, fast SATA hard drives, and the latest Intel 945 chipset as well as dual core processor options. Gateway has also increased the one-year limited warranty to three years. Pricing for the 17-inch Gateway FPD1775 is $329.99, and the 19-inch Gateway FPD1975 is $399.99. For more information, visit

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