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University Business, Sep 2006

To start or update an ID card system, take a look at Polaroid's Commercial ID Product Suite, which encompasses multiple software options, a direct camera interface, and printers with enhanced security features. The software is customizable, with add-ons like fast image and signature capture, and advanced smart card and biometric program developments. The system also offers magnetic strip encoding, barcoding, contact, and contactless encoding for smart cards, reading proximity cards, and HID cards. For a system that includes a Polaroid P4000 dual-sided color printer with bidirectional USB with Ethernet for connectivity, ID CardMaker Expert Edition (networkable) and Image Capture software, expect to pay $7,790. For other combinations and pricing, visit

Sony has a new line of projectors designed to have low fan noise, low power consumption, and high brightness, as well as to allow multiple input connections. The VPL-FX52, priced at $11,250, has 6000 ANSI lumens, power zoom, and can be networked for monitoring. The VPL-EX3, priced at $1,500, offers 2000 lumens, selectable picture modes, a remote control, and a short throw range. Visit

Background noise during conference calls or distance learning sessions can be reduced with the use of Solo Wireless Microphone Systems from Revolabs. The Executive system includes eight wearable duplex microphones, while the Desktop version has one unit. Both models feature rechargeable batteries with eight hours of talk time, a 100-foot range, 128-bit encryption, and a mute function. The Executive system costs $7,995, and the Desktop system is $495. For more information, visit

Apple's 17-inch MacBook Pro notebook computer features the Intel Core Duo processor and has up to five times the performance of the PowerBook G4. Weighing 6.8 pounds, it includes a built-in iSight video camera; iLife for recording a video Podcast or iMovie; and Front

Row media experience, which enables users to share iTunes playlists, iPhoto libraries, and video via Bonjour, a zero configuration wireless networking technology built into Mac OS X. Its power adapter charges the battery by magnetically coupling the power cord to the computer. The education price is $2,599. Rounding out its Intel line, Apple has released a redesigned MacBook. With a 13-inch widescreen display and all the bells and whistles of the Pro model, the notebook offers education pricing from $1,049 for the 1.83 GHz white version to $1,399 for the 2.0 GHz black version. Eat them up at

Interactivity is a little more manageable with Smart's new Sympodium ID350 interactive pen display. Featuring a more compact design than previous models, the 15-inch display still has a battery-free tethered pen, integrated USB hub, simultaneous computer/projector connectivity, and the newest version of Smart Board software. The ID350 is priced at $2,249, and the ID370, which offers a 17-inch display and higher resolution, costs $2,899. Visit

The VBrick Systems' VBEduCast video streaming and multimedia solution helps empower educational institutions to deliver presentations easily and economically, via existing IP networks or the public internet. It provides live video of presenters interwoven with multimedia slides and web content, along with interactive audience polling and Q&A capabilities. The solution includes a video camera; a VBrick WM appliance to stream live audio and video/multimedia; and VBPresenter, which provides seamless PowerPoint and related multimedia content. It also simplifies live presentation recording and archiving. List price is $5,495. Additional information is available online at /vbeducast.asp.

Broadcasting messages to campus can be easy with Omnilert's e2Campus. A cross-carrier mobile content service, it enables school officials to use short message service text messaging to communicate important news, updates, and reminders via students' mobile phones. The web-based system can send out 18,000 messages per minute to subscriber's cell phones, text pagers, e-mail accounts, and school web pages. The new groups functionality allows schools to create unlimited groups and assign "Group Admins" to manage them independently.

For schools intending infrequent or emergency messages, the Flex Pricing Plan offers an annual account access fee of $995, with each message sent costing 15 cents. Unlimited Use Pricing can be as low as 3 cents per user, per month, allowing schools to send notifications throughout the year for public safety or non-emergency uses without incurring additional charges; a flat-rate price is based on the number of potential subscribers during a given year. The service can be purchased annually with discounts applied for multiyear agreements. Learn more at

Admissions department staff can use eXpressPlan to help plan out activities and events up to a year in advance. The web-based system from TargetX allows users to list tasks, assign tasks to team members, and see project status at a glance. Staff members can be sent e-mail reminders about overdue tasks, and year-end reports are also available. Pricing ranges from $4,000 to $5,000. Learn more at www.targetx .com/plan.

Media departments can record events in HD with the XL H1 HD camcorder from Canon. In addition to recording HDV format to tape, the device can output uncompressed 1080i HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) or SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M) video via its Professional Jack Pack. It has adjustable frame rates, two built-in digital still cameras, total image control of more than 23 variables of the video image (all independently adjustable), and a Canon 20X zoom lens with optical image stabilization. The unit is priced at around $9,000.

See www.usa

Apple's Mac Mini doesn't come with a keyboard or mouse, so BenQ decided to step in and offer the Desksaver Companion as an add-on. Colored white to match the computer, the keyboard is a space-saving 10.5 inches long by 5 inches wide and a trim quarter-inch tall. The suggested retail price is $49.99. See more at

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