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University Business, Mar 2005

With the release of iLife '05 and iWork '05 in January, Apple continues to expand and enhance what it calls the "digital lifestyle." The iLife suite includes new versions of the company's popular multimedia applications. iPhoto, for example, now features a selection of photo editing tools not found in previous versions, while iMovie, already used at a number of colleges and universities, now includes the ability to capture and edit high-definition video. GarageBand 2, Apple's digital recording studio, now adds 8-track recording capabilities, as well as pitch and timing correction tools. iWork includes Pages, a sophisticated word processor/page design application, and Keynote 2, a package that creates cinema-quality presentations, portfolios, storyboards, and animated slideshows. Both applications work seamlessly with iLife to incorporate digital content. (Mac users looking for an alternative to another popular productivity suite may be disappointed that iWork does not include a spreadsheet application, although its predecessor, AppleWorks, does.) iWork and iLife retail for $79 each. For more information, visit

Sharp introduced its new network-ready, multifunctional peripherals (MFP) that are also the first Sharp MFPs that will be sold through value-added resellers. New features include advanced network printing, Scan2 two-sided scanning, fax (walk-up and network), industry-leading document and network security, and consumer-replaceable supplies. The systems have a lower cost-per-copy than printer-based machines. The new MFP comes in two models: DM-3551 and DM-4551. Prices start at $10,599. For more information, visit

Epson has come out with its Stylus Photo R1800, designed specifically with the artist in mind. It is capable of making prints up to 13-inches wide and 44-inches long, and is able to print an 11- x14-inch color image in less than two minutes. Epson also boasts that images are expected to last 200 years. It goes for $549. For more information, visit

Chyron Corporation has unveiled its newest products to enhance campus life, ChyTV and ChyAlert. ChyTV lets you project information onto television screens across campus without disrupting a show, newscast or video. ChyAlert allows campuses to broadcast video alerts in case of an emergency. ChyTV goes for $1,395, and ChyAlert is $1,495. For more information, visit

CanIT-PRO 3.0, by Roaring Penguin Software, puts campuses on the cutting-edge of security with its combination of global filtering policy management with superior per-user control. CanIt-PRO 3.0 makes it easy for individuals to manage their spam filtering through an attractive new interface. Prices begin at $1,500 and vary by installation size. For more information, visit

SciQuest offers an easy way for colleges and universities to test the waters of reverse auctions, and save money on procurements. The company offers event-based packages in a pay-per-use model to realize the immediate and compelling savings that reverse auction tools can provide. The cost starts at $5,000 for a single-auction event; three single-stage auction events cost $12,500. Events are fully managed by SciQuest professional services and include event selection and preparation, event creation, supplier management, event monitoring, and event reporting. The deal also includes a flat fee plus a capped supplier transaction fee. As an introductory offer, SciQuest will waive the 1 percent transaction fee until June 30. For more information, visit

There's more to admission than SAT scores. is a free new online resource where IHEs can find and solicit high school students with exceptional artistic abilities. This service connects IHEs to parents and students. Online, schools can access student profiles, check out virtual auditions or view digital galleries. For more information, visit

IPL T PCS4 Power Control and Current Sensor is Extron Electronics' new product with a built-in web server that enables flexible, centralized, web-based power management. In addition to four 120VAC (Edison) outlets, the IPL T PCS4 offers pre-loaded control pages for web-based monitoring, scheduling, and control capabilities. Electrical current thresholds can be set to define full power, standby, and power off states for individual devices and for groups of outlets. Extron's GlobalViewer software is supported by the web server built into IPL T PCS4. Also, Extron's MGP 462 ($7,695.00), a dual window multigraphic processor, is made for the simultaneous display of multiple images for applications demanding high quality graphics and video presentations, including videoconferencing, conference rooms, boardrooms, command and control centers, distance learning, and event staging systems. For more information, visit

Secure your information with Dantz Retrospect 7, Windows backup and recovery software, by EMC Corporation. It protects servers, desktops, and notebooks running Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris, as well as 24x7 business-critical applications. Retrospect 7 is offered in four editions at the following list prices: Retrospect Multi Server, starting at $1299, Retrospect Single Server starting at $699, Retrospect Small Business Server starting at $499, Retrospect Disk-to-Disk starting at $299. For more information, visit

3Com's TippingPoint 5000E Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is capable of performing total packet inspection and prevention at five gigabits per second (Gbps) with real world traffic. It comes with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, which are able to protect four network segments. Pricing starts at $9,995. For more information, visit

MPC Computers have introduced their NetFRAME 1720 and 2720 servers, equipped with Intel Xeon processors, an 800MHz system bus, the Intel E7520 chipset with support for PCI Express, 12GB ECC DDR2 memory and MPC's new server management software. NetFRAME 1720 goes for $2,599 and 2720 is $2,999. For more information, visit,

Get six months of free hosting for signing up for one year with PowWeb, and 14 months for two years at $7.77 per month. SpamCop, a spam-fighting software, is one a host of services that comes with PowWeb's hosting program. PowWeb has expanded its hosting disk space to 2 GB. As a special offer for University Business readers through June, PowWeb will waive the setup fee, provide free domain name registration, free website templates, and 5 GB of traffic per day. (Mention that you saw this item.) For more information, visit

Logitech and Polycom announced their first mutual creation: ViewPort AV 100. The product features a Logitech video camera, an integrated microphone with acoustic echo cancellation, and a Bluetooth wireless headset into a single console. It delivers 30 frames per second with H.264 video compression and Polycom's Siren 14 (14 kHz) sound. For more information, visit

The Google Mini is a hardware and software search appliance that delivers the power and productivity of Google search across an organization's documents and websites. Google Mini offers fast, relevant search results, easy installation and minimal administration to businesses such as consulting firms, educational institutions, state and local governments, and non-profits. The Google Mini can be installed and operational in less than an hour. Plug it into your network, perform some simple configuration steps using the web-based Administrator Console and you can begin providing quality search results to your users. Google also offers an upgrade to the Google Search Appliance, which now supports databases. The Google Mini sells for $4,995. For more information, visit

Universal Placement Program helps international students and American IHEs hook up by streamlining the application and acceptance process, and providing step-by-step assistance to international students. For more information, visit

Pocket Express' ($6.99 a month or $69.99 a year) combination of seven essential news, weather, sports, business and entertainment services for wireless devices has been bundled with Cingular's newest smartphone, the Treo 650 from palmOne, Inc. Handmark is offering a free 30-day trial of Pocket Express, which is available with the bonus software CD that ships with every Treo 650 from Cingular. Go to for more information on other deals.

Gateway has introduced its M460 laptop with battery power that lasts for up to 10 hours. With a starting price of $899, the M460 comes in three models to suit different needs, and comes in a new sleek design and professional-oriented features. For more information, visit

Crestron came out with a new wireless mesh networking solution that uses ZigBee-ready IEEE 802.15.4 wireless networking platform, and will be introducing wireless dimmers. For more information, visit

WebCT has introduced WebCT Vista modules that you can selectively add to WebCT Campus Edition. This modular approach lets institutions initiate enterprise e-learning practices. The Vista Learning Object Manager, Vista Community Manager, Vista PowerLinks Kit and Vista PowerSight Kit modules enable institutions to precisely choose the enterprise e-learning functionality they need. These modules for the first time provide WebCT Campus Edition customers with all the functionality previously available only in the WebCT Vista academic enterprise system. For more information, visit

Use Biamp Systems' AudiaFLEX in auditoriums and conference rooms, choosing any configuration of input (IP2) and output (OP2) pairs to create the system you need. For more information, visit

Formerly known as "Blackstone," Macromedia's ColdFusion MX 7 offers new printable web content, rich forms, more flexible deployment options, and integrated, structured business reporting. It also helps create applications for short message service text messaging to use on mobile phones. ColdFusion runs as either a stand-alone application server or can be combined with J2EE servers. The Standard Edition goes for $859 and the Enterprise Edition is $3,959. Both editions include 2 CPUs. For more information, visit

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