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University Business, Feb 2006

Sasser... Netsky... MyDoom... New computer viruses are creeping up every day, and sometimes they spread before antivirus updates can be installed in an institution's antivirus system. TruPrevent Personal 2006 from Panda Software does not replace existing antivirus programs, but reinforces them for extra protection. TruPrevent studies the behavior of all the programs that antivirus software allows through, immediately discovering and blocking the ones that may contain malware. The software also helps block spyware and online fraud attempts, such as pharming. It is designed for Windows XP, 2000 Pro, Me, and 98. TruPrevent sells for $29.95. For more information, visit

SciQuest offers the Contract Manager module, the latest addition to its suite of spend management and procurement automation tools. Contract Manager addresses users' need to manage their contracts and meet regulatory reporting and compliance. The module strengthens an organization's e-procurement strategy by automatically integrating supplier contracts with the purchasing experience. A centralized repository makes it easy to store, find, and view contracts. Through tight integration with SciQuest's e-procurement tools, Contract Manager provides seamless tracking, reporting, and analysis capabilities. Pricing is based on institution size. Learn more at

They may look familiar, but for Apple's iMac and MacBook Pro (formerly the Powerbook), it's what's inside that counts--and that is Intel processors. Both the iMac and the MacBook Pro feature 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo processors to run two to four times faster than previous models. The iMac is available in 17- or 20-inch screen sizes, while the MacBook Pro will initially carry a 15.4-inch screen. Both feature built-in iChat cameras on selected models. Professional applications such as MS Office, Final Cut, and Logic Pro designed for the new processor will be available in March, and current users can upgrade these applications for $49. Apple expects to transition its entire product line to the Intel processors within a year. The iMac starts at $1,299 and the MacBook Pro starts at $1,999. For more information, go to

The Troubadour card reader from CBORD is an accessory for the company's Odyssey PCS, providing campuses with the ability to conduct privilege verification and debit transactions in an offline environment. The Troubadour streamlines ticketing, roll call, and attendance tracking functions, while providing comprehensive reporting capabilities. Designed to record transactions at outdoor and athletic events, the Troubadour verifies transactions against a "snapshot" of the Odyssey PCS database. Once the event is completed, transactions are uploaded through a user interface. For more information and pricing, go to

With a growing number of universities tapping the power of rich media, keeping it all under control can be a challenge. Sonic Foundry's new Mediasite EX Rich Media Server software provides an easy and powerful way to manage, archive, and secure rich media content. Built to take advantage of the existing campuswide infrastructure for user and group rights management, EX Server software ensures rich media content security by integrating with leading LDAP directory services and Microsoft Active Directory, meaning IT staff don't need to maintain a separate directory for Mediasite. EX Server software is also Section 508-compliant, offering captioning support for audio as well as slide content of Mediasite presentations for hearing- or vision-impaired users. Pricing starts at $45,000. Find out more at

Palm has teamed with Verizon Wireless to offer the new Treo 700w Smartphone, which takes advantage of Verizon's wireless broadband access service on its EV-DO network (a wireless radio broadband data protocol used by many mobile phone providers). The Treo 700w is also the first Treo model to run the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. The combination means handheld wireless access to commonly used e-mail and business applications. The Treo 700w sells for $399. For more information, go to

Lenovo introduced two new members of the ThinkPad family: the ThinkPad T60 and the ThinkPad X60. The new laptops offer more performance, wider connectivity, and improved durability in a thin and light package. The T60 (pictured) and X60 feature wireless access and download speeds of 400 to 700 kilobytes per second. Both models feature Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology for true parallel processing when running multi-threaded applications or multiple applications simultaneously. With built-in wireless wide-area networking (WWAN) technology, ThinkPad users can now get online within a mobile phone service area--no more hunting for hot spots. Pricing for the ThinkPad T60 Series starts at $2,049. The ThinkPad X60 Series starts at $1,899. For more information, go to

BookDrive from Atiz is an automatic page-turning scanner that can cut considerable time from the process of digitizing printed materials. It can be used for scanning bound documents, magazines, and books of various sizes in less than 10 seconds per page, and up to 500 pages per hour. Simply enter the number of pages to scan and BookDrive will digitize bound content in a variety of formats. Documents can be scanned in either color or black and white, and integrated software performs essential tasks such as autocropping and image cleanup. BookDrive will begin shipping in March with an estimated price of $40,000. Find out more by visiting

There has been lots of talk about open source lately, but administrators may wonder if it's right for their institution. Now they can find out with the Sakai Test Drive program. It is designed to provide administrators, IT personnel, and instructors with a risk-free, no-cost way to evaluate the latest Sakai v2.1 Collaborative Learning Environment and Course Management System. Users can try out Sakai tools in a personalized instructor course worksite, view pre-populated courses and project worksites for best practices, and collaborate with other Test Drive participants in an open discussion format. Take Sakai for a spin at

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