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University Business, Apr 2006

To anyone walking into a campus store these days, it's clear that logos aren't just for T-shirts anymore. EDGE Tech Corp has taken licensing a step further with a new data storage line called Spirit by EDGE featuring campus logos and colors of major U.S. colleges. Eight schools are currently available. The 256MB and 512MB USB 2.0 flash drive units are the size of a thumb and can hold multiple pictures, music files, data files, or documents. They offer password protection and easy installation, among other features. The 20GB to 100GB 2.5-inch ultra portable hard drives can store up to 115 CDs worth of data and can back up a desktop computer, yet the devices are still small enough to fit in a backpack. The units range in price from $39 to $220 and are available through

Adding non-traditional educational programs to your catalog just got easier, at least when it comes to computer tracking. Jenzabar has released Jenzabar Non-Traditional System (NTS), a software program designed to help IHEs market, administer, and evaluate non-traditional offerings, such as continuing education, professional development, and certificate programs, ranging from one-day courses to multicampus or online offerings. The product is designed to work with an institution's current processing systems and includes a "QuickAdmit" feature that allows administrators to post a new course and begin receiving registrations and payments the same day. Jenzabar NTS is priced at $44,000 for the base product. To learn more, visit

So you finally got a flat-screen display but can't decide on the best way to get it on the wall. One option to consider is the PLP Universal Pull-N-Tilt Wall Mount from Chief Manufacturing. The mounting system fits up to 90 percent of 37" to 65" plasma and LCD screens on the market. It offers fingertip tilt adjustment and an easy-grip handle for bottom pull-out. The system's self-leveling design means that a screen won't be crooked once it's hung. Suggested retail price is $329. See

For administrators considering GoalQuest software to help with enrollment and retention, a free online calculator can help estimate the impact of the programs. The Return on Investment (ROI) Yield Calculator uses a question-and-answer format to help formulate tangible yield goals and determine the appropriate level of investment in the Enrollment Yield Optimization (EYOp) product. The user inputs data, such as number of students admitted, historical yield rates, average graduation rates, and revenue per student, and the ROI Yield Calculator produces real-time reports that estimate likely program usage, percentage of audience likely to be affected by the program, expected revenue saved by implementing EYOp, and other benefits of implementing the program. The ROI Calculator can be found at

Maplesoft has released a web-based version of its Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite, which will replace the paper-based placement tests it currently offers. Developed with the Mathematical Association of America, the tests can help in assessing students' knowledge of math, which could aid in determining course offerings and student placement. The Placement Test Suite is hosted by Maplesoft. Pricing is based on number of students and can be as low as $2 per student. For more information, visit

SurveyTracker Plus 5.0 and SurveyTracker Plus Email/Web 5.0 are enhancements to Pearson NCS's SurveyTracker Plus product line. The new applications offer survey users and respondents flexibility through multiple delivery methods, including e-mail, web, and on-site kiosks, which could improve efficiency and accuracy. Using the products, survey administrators can complete the entire process from a desktop, from creation through data collection. The product includes Survey Library, a suite of pre-written surveys that can be modified to fit specific needs, such as course evaluations or customer satisfaction surveys. Eight types of customizable reports are also available. The product costs from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on services and options selected. More information is available at

Mitsubishi has two new projectors that sit at either end of the size scale. The MiniMits XD80U is smaller than a laptop and weighs less than three pounds, so it's good for presenters on the go, but it still offers 1500 ANSI lumens and color control. It has a suggested retail price of $1,995. The HD4000U, a high-definition projector designed for wide-format applications requiring the 16:9 aspect ratio, offers 2000 ANSI lumens and weighs in at 6.4 pounds, so it's still easily relocated. Suggested retail price on the HD4000U is $2,995. Visit for more information.

Canon is releasing three new high-resolution projectors in May. The REALiS SX6, SX60, and X600 models all display large, high-resolution digital images and have one-touch simplified projector set-up for ease of use. The SX6 is designed to offer smooth, lattice-free images with accurate color reproduction, while the SX60 and X600 can display clear, large images in brightly lit rooms. The SX60 and X600 also run with very low noise levels, making them a good choice for presentations. All three models offer auto set-up, which identifies and selects the input source, corrects keystone distortion, sharpens focus, and adjusts for wall color. "Off and Go," which allows users to unplug the power cord when they finish a presentation and start packing up while internal circuitry runs the fan and cools the projector, is another feature. Suggested retail price for the SX6 is $6,999, SX60 is $5,999, and X600 is $3,999. For more information, visit

Has rollout or expansion of your computer network been halted by a parking lot or street? LightPointe has a new wireless product to consider, before the facilities department starts ripping up the pavement. FlightExpress 100 provides a "quick hop" high-speed wireless link over distances of 200 meters or less. The unit includes Power over Ethernet, eliminating the need for additional electrical wiring; provides 100Mbps full-duplex speeds; and is immune to radio frequency interference. The manufacturer's suggested pricing is under $4,500 for a complete point-to-point system, which includes two linkheads, PoE injectors, and mounts. To find an authorized distributor or obtain a price quote, visit

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