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Lecture capture goes beyond the classroom at Alabama college

Student success with lecture capture in the classroom spurs Lawson State to extend use to professional development and administration
University Business, Oct 2011

Sometimes you don’t even know you need a solution until one presents itself. At least that’s how Tegrity Lecture Capture grew from a classroom product to a tool embedded in nearly every aspect of Lawson State Community College. 

The college implemented Tegrity in 2005. With 60 percent of the Birmingham, AL, college’s students holding down full- or part-time work, the school hoped to increase engagement, improve its retention level and help working students with attendance issues, notes Academic Dean Sherri Davis. 

Lawson State chose Tegrity Lecture Capture—a cloud-based system that allows faculty to record a class’ audio and on-screen activities and post video files to be reviewed and shared by students. 

“My light bulb went off in 2008,” Dr. Davis recalls. Lawson State was beginning to redesign its orientation program to better help acclimate students more quickly to processes and procedures on campus. Incoming students often fell behind right from the start when they didn’t know how to access their email, register for a class, or log in to campus systems for assignments. 

“It became clear to me that we could move beyond the idea of just lecture capture to leverage the technology even further. It’s a big shift and a powerful shift for institutions to understand, it’s not just lecture capture—it’s content capture.” 

Once Tegrity broke out of the lecture hall, it could not be contained. 

In its first year, the pass rate for students in the orientation program is up from approximately 65 percent to 80 percent. But more importantly, retention of students in the freshman class is up 10 percent. 

A new and powerful use, Dr. Davis says, is in professional development. Lecture capture is a major tool used in professional development and training for faculty and staff. Training classes that had been delivered only face to face are now also recorded and available for offline viewing. If staff has questions, they have learned to go back and review the Tegrity recording for the answer. “That’s made my job a lot easier. I don’t get as many questions anymore because the visual demonstration of the processes is just so powerful for them,” she says. 

With lecture capture now “broadened beyond the classroom”, the college has realized benefits in many diverse areas. 

The nursing program was an area targeted for significant improvement. The department integrated lecture capture into its operations and now has more than 200 recorded sessions. Students named lecture capture the most significant area of improvement in the program. “The nursing program deals with a lot of difficult concepts, so the ability to go back and revisit a lecture, and that there were so many of them, was very powerful,” says Dr. Davis. 

Using lecture capture for the Freshman Academy has also produced tangible results. In its first year, the pass rate for students in the orientation program is up from approximately 65 percent to 80 percent. But more importantly, retention of students in the freshman class is up 10 percent. 

Students are driving the adoption of faculty and increasing use across campus. With every freshman exposed to lecture capture from the start, “they are the ones asking the faculty, ‘where’s the Tegrity lesson?’ “Last year, 55 percent of Lawson’s academic courses were using lecture capture. “I suspect that, within a year, we could go up to as much as 65 percent.” 

“The power in Tegrity is what you don’t see,” Dr. Davis says. “It’s thinking outside of the classroom and once you discover its potential to really help your entire institution, then you really unleash the power of Tegrity.” 

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