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Keys to making outdoor wireless work

Tips include hiring a Wi-Fi integrator and providing universal access
  • Hire a Wi-Fi integrator to assess your needs.
  • Think about the needs of everyone on campus (not just students).
  • Determine a level of performance that can support the busiest times of day.
  • Don’t scrimp on access points (APs) or other hardware.
  • Place outdoor APs under building overhangs to minimize the chance for damage.
  • Place APs in thin-walled buildings if outdoor APs are too costly.
  • For optimal Wi-Fi strength, avoid bridging unless necessary.
  • Know the device limitation of your WLAN controller.
  • Consider selling user analytics to offset monthly Wi-Fi costs.
  • Form a plan for temporary events that would otherwise put a strain on your Wi-Fi.
  • Provide universal access, if possible.