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HPC Planning Checklist

University Business, May 2013

According to Henry J. Neeman, director of the OU Supercomputer Center for Education & Research (OSCER) at Oklahoma University, schools will want to investigate guidelines for their own future HPC platforms. His own institution is seeing ROI from HPC as high as 700 percent from its supercomputer named Boomer.

From where he sits, the keys to a successful HPC platform include:

  • A well-designed, well-maintained HPC installation with a good balance among compute servers (servers that process data), interconnect network(s) (to connect HPC resources to each other), and data storage and software.
  • A team of highly qualified technical personnel to maintain the HPC installation. 
  • Personnel to work directly with researchers to help them be productive. This could mean someone to teach them to use the HPC resource and to deploy research application software for their given research area.
  • Campus leaders who are supportive of the research aspirations of faculty and the operational requirements of the HPC group.
  • Educational opportunities to help researchers and educators learn to use HPC.