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Get Ready For EduComm 2010

University Business, Feb 2010

Mark your calendar for EduComm 2010, which returns to Las Vegas, June 7-9. This year's conference promises to be more informative, more cutting edge, and more value-packed than ever.

We asked members of The EduComm Institute to help us plan the 2010 conference program and they delivered. As a result, this year more than ever, the program features the topics and speakers that you told us you want to see.

Along with returning tracks on Classroom Technology, Facilities and System Support, and Social Media and Web Innovation, weve added a new track called Marketing Your Institution with Digital Media to help you realize the power and advantages of using new technologies in your recruitment and retention efforts. Here's a sneak peak at some of the sessions on the program:

  • Captioning Beyond Compliance: Making Your Media Meaningful. Captioning is typically done to meet accessibility requirements, but the value extends far beyond just supporting deaf students. With the expanding use of video for instruction and communications, captioning your YouTube, iTunes and recorded lectures will make the content more usable. Learn the value of captioning media, the processes of automating the captioning workflow, and the uses with different portals like iTunes, YouTube, Google Video, and others.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Using Alternate Reality Games for Education and Training. Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) present a new form of immersive experiential learning. Regardless of the topic being taught, participants in ARGs engage in an active, creative way with the game's mechanics while also exploring collaboration mechanics, technology, and the attraction of a compelling story. You will learn not only how ARGs can be used for education, but you''ll also experience one.
EduComm features the topics and speakers you told us you want to see.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once. So many marketing and communication channels, so little time and money. With tight budgets and an ever increasing portfolio of new electronic tools, measurement isn't optional anymore, but goes far beyond the creation of a Google Analytics account. Find out how to create and implement a measurement strategy that will inform your decisions and focus your efforts on what works in higher education and for your institution.
  • How My Website Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud. In today's economic climate, colleges and universities need to do more with fewer resources. Unfortunately, the demands of students, faculty and staff have not diminished. What's a web developer to do? Look to the cloud! This session will examine services that can be migrated to the cloud for considerable cost savings, and provide better up-time, reliability and features for end users.
  • Education and Virtualization: Simplicity, Security and Mobility. The University of Arizona's Residence Life department manages 22 dormitories housing more than 6,000 students. The department's IT group turned to virtualization and thin clients to replace PCs for its staff—from those who conduct training and register students during peak orientation days to hall directors who access sensitive student data, to accountants and customer service representatives, and to the department director who communicates with other campus departments. Find out how Residence Life eliminated PC purchasing cycles, slashed IT support and maintenance time, and created a secure, simple and mobile computing environment exceeding compliance and sustainability requirements.

You can see more of what's on tap at the EduComm website, where you can also register now for early bird discounts.

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