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Evaluation Process & Evaluation Team

University Business, Oct 2009

Each of our 65 entries was evaluated, using a point system for each response, by at least four members of the University Business team and one external judge, with similar-sized institutions grouped together.

Questions covered:

(1) the extent to which the facility and program uniquely reflect the institution

(2) the comfort and safety levels of diners

(3) sustainability initiatives

(4) the process of getting input from program users and how requests are prioritized

(5) customer service and staff training efforts

(6) the ability of the facility and program to help attract prospective students

(7) efforts to control costs while maintaining quality

(8) overall visual appeal

Frank Auer: Graduate of the University of Miami and graduate student at Boston College

Melissa Ezarik: Managing editor, University Business

Michele Herrmann: Associate editor, University Business

Ann McClure: Associate editor, University Business

Emily Pearl Goodstein: Graduate of The George Washington University and blogger on food and other topics at

Neal Raisman: Higher education consultant (, former college president, and author of The Power of Retention (Administrator’s Bookshelf) and Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education (LRP Publications)

Susan Rohal-Corbett: Art director, University Business, and college parent