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Editor's Note

The EduComm Institute

University Business, Jul 2009

IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE MEETING with many University Business readers last month at EduComm 2009 in Orlando. Attendance was strong—considering the economy—the venue was great, and we appreciated hearing your ideas and your concerns. We don’t want that interaction to end.

One of the big news items from the week was the announcement of the EduComm Institute, a new and exciting leadership community for higher education. The EduComm Institute grew from a desire to extend the EduComm experience beyond the annual live event. Each year, EduComm presents sessions on areas of interest to higher education technology leaders, from classroom and campus technology, and facilities and systems design, to Web 2.0 and social media. In past years we’ve posted these sessions on our website, but that was the extent of our post-conference collaboration with you.

Your collective voice can help shape an industry.

As Stephanie Martinez, director of interactive media for Professional Media Group (publisher of University Business), told a keynote audience, all that is about to change with the launch of the EduComm Institute.

“We’ve harnessed the technological platform of EduComm sponsor to power a Web 2.0 social network that will be the backbone of our leadership community,” she said. “The EduComm Institute will not only contain the content from our annual conference but will facilitate continuing the dialog after the conference is long over. We’ll accomplish this through targeted groups, led by topical experts and populated with contributions from you and your colleagues. You will be joined in the EduComm Institute by a superb class of sponsors and exhibitors who will seek your input and learn from you. Your collective voice can help shape an industry.”

EduComm Institute members will have access to premium content year-round, including on-demand viewing of all of the EduComm conference sessions and keynotes, a monthly newsletter, a subscription to University Business magazine, and special vendor opportunities. Members will be able to connect with others through a Facebook-like interface, create their own blogs and share documents in a file repository. And EduComm Institute members will also receive discounted pricing to events, including EduComm 2010, which returns to Las Vegas.

If you were with us last year at EduComm 2008, you might have heard rAVe Publications’ Gary Kayye talk about the changing education landscape and how the best way to advance AV/IT convergence is for vendors to work with educators to design the technology of the future. Educators need to organize and share information about what they want, rather than wait for manufacturers to tell them what they need.

Don’t wait for it to happen, Kayye said. You need to take the initiative.

Well, we’re taking the initiative with the EduComm Institute, and I’m pleased to say that Sonic Foundry, CDW-G, Echo 360, GovConnection, Plain Black, Inigral, Tegrity, Polycom, and have signed on as charter sponsors.

You’ve got their ear.

Let’s take advantage of the opportunity to share your ideas and visions with them to help move toward your goals. To become a charter member of the EduComm Institute—or to submit a speaker proposal for 2010—visit


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