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A look at some of the hot new products introduced at this year's show.
University Business, Dec 2004

TippingPoint Technologies has launched UnityOne-100E Intrusion Prevention System, which provides application, performance, and infrastructure protection from internal and external cyberattacks. Performing at 100 megabits per second, UnityOne-100E also includes Advanced Denial of Service Protection, which stops SYN floods and established connection floods, while blocking or throttling traffic that goes beyond what is defined as normal volume. For more information, visit

Packeteer, Inc.'s new 1000 Series appliance delivers full duplex 1 Gbps throughput and can be deployed to provide the application visibility, control and acceleration capabilities required for Wan QoS. The 1000 can forward traffic at gigabit rates, concurrently manage QoS for thousands of classes of traffic, collect more than 100 performance metrics for each class, and compress traffic to hundreds of sites. The company also has released Packeteer 7, an upgrade of its software for WAN appliances. For more information, go to

NEC Solutions America unveiled the NEC Tricryption Data Security system, a three-layered data encryption solution designed to meet higher education data privacy regulations, while supporting escalating demands for user access to information. Using advanced encryption, the product helps IHEs meet a variety of data privacy and confidentiality requirements such as PERPA, HIPAA, the Privacy Act of 1974, GLBA, and the Patriot Act. For more information go to

Roving Planet's Scan & Block module adds new security features to the company's wireless LAN management software suite. Scan & Block reduces the risk of network infection by scanning each new wired or wireless device that accesses a network, blocking it from full network participation until it is certified "safe," or free from viruses, worms, and malicious software. Devices attempting to access the network are scanned to make sure they have the latest security patches, virus definitions, and signature files. Scan & Block stops problems before they make it to the network, and pinpoints the source of potential threats. Learn more at

Crestron has released its UPX2 Universal Presentation Processor, which integrates touchpanel control with a pen-based annotator, seamless video switcher, multiwindow digital video processor, and embedded multimedia PC. To present multiple video and computer sources, stream digital media, explore a website online, annotate over any image, and control the complete presentation, the UPX2 assembles a host of popular presentation features into a single rack-mount processor. Separate touchpanel and audience display outputs put the presenter in complete control of what the audience sees. For more information, visit

Smart Technologies has released SynchronEyes 5.1, its computer lab instruction software for Windows. New features include more options for administering and scoring quizzes, including the ability to randomize quiz questions for individual students, and to export quiz results to Excel spreadsheets. The Quiz Wizard also supports rich-text editing, and is available in six languages--English, French, Dutch, German, Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese--saving time for teachers and making it easier to test and assess students' understanding of concepts. To learn more, or to upgrade to 5.1, go to

You might call Anystream's Apreso Classroom the Tivo of the lecture hall--just set it and forget it. Apreso Classroom is the first lecture-capture solution designed for schedule-driven, unattended operation--leaving professors free to teach the way they always do. It captures the instructor's remarks, video, and any visuals projected during the lecture, and automatically synchronizes and publishes the information as an interactive, rich-media record of the classroom experience to any web location, including Blackboard or WebCT course pages. Students can review the lectures with any web browser on any computer. Go to for more information.

Sonic Foundry's Mediasite RL400 is a complete rich media recording and publishing system that automates the capture, management and delivery of instructor-led multimedia presentations for Web-based distance education. With Mediasite, every aspect of a lecture is recorded transparently in real-time, without restricting teaching style or content. Students can view the content live or on-demand via the Web, or have it burned to a CD. There's no special software needed for the presenter, and no browser plug-ins or proprietary viewers. The new rack-mount system provides a variety of enhancements to improve functionality, AV integration, security and the end-user experience. Find out more at

Noisy equipment is a distraction for professors and students. Which is why Hitachi has developed three new projectors featuring a low noise level of 36dB. The CP-X340, CP-X345, and CP-S335 all weigh 5.5 pounds and share the same compact size. Boasting a 400:1 contrast ratio and a lens ratio of 1:1.2, the models also feature a lamp power of 165 watts as well as inputs for RGB, Composite Video, S-Video and Component Video formats. The CP-X340 delivers 1,500 ANSI lumens, while the CP-X345 and the CP-S335 (an SVGA model) offer 2,000 ANSI lumens. For more information, visit

Canon's new LV-7565 multimedia projector is the brightest model available in Canon's line. It is designed to meet the high-resolution imaging needs of a wide range of presentation venues, and is enhanced by four interchangeable lenses (ultra wide angle, wide angle zoom, long focus zoom, and ultra long focus zoom) for a variety of presentation situations. The LV-7565 projector also features native XGA resolution for crisp display of video and text, and will also support SXGA resolution through high-quality compression. Visit for information.

McGraw-Hill Higher Education has teamed up with Cisco Systems to deliver a portfolio of interactive, online courses for students, with global distribution to anywhere with an internet connection. McGraw-Hill is the first major educational content provider to build on the power of Cisco Systems' Global Learning Network (GLN)--a scalable e-learning architecture--to offer these high-tech learning solutions. Through the GLN, McGraw-Hill Higher Education will deliver online courses with multimedia-rich content that incorporates animation, streaming video, and personalized assessments.

McGraw-Hill's online courses leverage the publisher's widely used, proven content. They can be used as part of a regular course with both classroom and online instruction or as a completely online course. Cisco's GLN enables McGraw-Hill's courseware to be presented in an engaging environment that provides personal feedback and real-time assessment for more effective learning. Learn more at

GTCO CalComp has issued the InterWrite PRS (Personal Response System) to complement its InterWrite presentation suite. Looking much like a television remote control unit, InterWrite PRS combines interaction and assessment to enhance classroom productivity. Using the PRS infrared wireless transmitters, all students can answer questions and record their responses with the simple click of a button. Results can be saved in a gradebook and instantly charted and displayed for real-time student feedback and lesson refinement. Find out more at

Macromedia has announced partnerships with course management system provider WebCT and MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching), a clearinghouse of learning objects. Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Captivate have been integrated into the entire WebCT product line, enabling users to create e-learning simulations in WebCT. With Dreamweaver, WebCT faculty, staff, and students can design web pages, sites, and courses, and immediately publish all content to WebCT as a module. This eliminates the need for users to move each file individually. With Macromedia Captivate, users can record onscreen activity and create interactive simulations in the Macromedia Flash format without knowing how to use the Flash authoring tool.

Macromedia and MERLOT will work together to strengthen MERLOT's online academic communities and extend communication with its membership base. MERLOT is using Contribute 3 to build a set of internet portals and launch a monthly electronic newsletter. It is also a key element of the new Macromedia Web Publishing System. For more information, visit

Blackboard's new Learning System for the Microsoft.Net framework provides a .Net-based e-learning solution for Blackboard's Windows-based clients. The Blackboard system offers course management, an open architecture for customization and interoperability, and a scalable design that allows for integration with student information systems and authentication protocols. Find out more about the Learning System by visiting

WebCT's PowerLink is delivering up-to-the-minute learning object links directly to WebCT courses with the help of RSS technology. RSS (or "really simple syndication") is a web content syndication format commonly used by online news and stock tickers and the weblog community. The links point to RSS feeds from the MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) clearinghouse of learning objects such as animations, simulations, case studies, and tutorials in 15 subject areas from biology to world languages. Instructors can now get immediate access to the newest learning objects in their areas of interest. Most links are available within 15 minutes of being posted to MERLOT. Find out more at

eCollege introduced its Program Intelligence Manager, a set of business intelligence tools that enables institutions to easily identify, capture, analyze, and act on key program metrics. Scheduled to be released early next year, the product helps incorporate data-driven decision-making into more successful student outcomes and better institutional performance. Program Intelligence Manager stores, tracks, and benchmarks behavioral data from within and across online courses and programs. For more information, go to

Besides showing off the futuristic iMac G5--in which the entire computer, optical drive, hard disk, speakers, and power supply dwell inside the 2-inch-thick display--Apple demonstrated how its "digital hub" concept supports learning objectives in the classroom. The Missouri School of Journalism, for example, uses Apple's multimedia technology to help future journalists hone their writing and reporting skills. "As students bring a mobile, digital lifestyle to campus, we need to adapt our teaching methods to take advantage of that experience," notes MSJ Associate Professor Michael McKean. Find out more at

The loud whirring of desktop PCs could soon be replaced by the sounds of silence, thanks to Gateway. The newest E-Series computers not only feature the latest Intel chipsets and manageability features, but also offer a model based on BTX (Balanced Transfer eXtended)--a new chassis design that uses larger, quieter cooling fans and provides ample room for today's faster and hotter-running processors and other internal components. BTX channels air directly over the processor to prevent overheating that can lead to component breakdown. Libraries, medical labs, and classrooms will benefit from the lower capacity fans that save energy and reduce fan noise. Visit for more information.

Sun Microsystems demonstrated its Digital Campus, a collaborative environment for teaching, learning, research, and administration. The Digital Campus includes the Java Enterprise System for Education, security solutions from DeepNine Technologies, and Sun's identity management offerings. Sun's Digital Campus focuses on the integration of key technologies--from portals to digital libraries to student information systems--in a unified network environment for IHEs. For more information go to

Adobe's Acrobat 7 has new features designed to facilitate collaboration and also protect intellectual property. Acrobat 7 can create universal PDF packages that contain everything from presentations, photographs, spreadsheets, and rich graphics, but can also allow others to add comments using only the free, ubiquitous Acrobat Reader. The program has new protection features that limit how a document is shared or printed, as well as the ability to have a document expire after a period of time. See all the new features at

Dell launched its Intelligent Classroom for IHEs, which incorporates computers and related technology, such as projectors and digital cameras, to create more stimulating learning environments. The Intelligent Classroom consists of wireless pads that allow professors to annotate and control presentations; projectors and presentation screens; LCDs, CRTs, DVDs, and VCR players; interactive whiteboards and pen-based tablets; polling applications, and document image cameras. For more information go to

Ruffalo Cody makes donor management easier and more centralized with its One integrated software solution. The web-based One features a database system that manages donors, prospects and members, and integrates with the company's Campuscall Phonathon system. One's constituent profile features provides in-depth prospect information in one place, which can be tailored to individual users. An Events Management system makes planning donor events easier by helping with invitations, invoices, registrations, travel arrangements, and more. One also incorporates comprehensive capital campaign management, e-mail, and e-newsletter delivery, and secure online credit card transactions for donors. Visit for more information.

Hobsons EMT has released a new tool that tracks web-based campaigns geared to alumni, prospects, and guidance counselors. EMT Engage encourages recipients to interact with the institution electronically by filling out surveys and surfing personalized web pages on the campus website. EMT Engage then tracks all of these interactions and assigns a value to each recipient's engagement level. From there, IHEs can identify which contacts are truly involved so they can strategically plan their next communication accordingly. One of the first clients to use EMT Engage was Arcadia University (Pa.), which used the software to boost enrollment. For more information, visit

SciQuest announced the addition of reverse auction and supplier management capabilities to Sourcing Manager, its electronic bid management solution. The new functionality allows users to conduct real-time reverse auctions--from creating, previewing, and monitoring an auction, to inviting suppliers, tabulating auction responses, and archiving them. A supplier portal is also provided which allows suppliers to manage their profiles, send messages, and view events. For more information, visit

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