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Doing More With Less: Campus Snapshot

Texas Women's University
University Business, Feb 2011

Automating refunding and other billing and payments makes even more sense in this age of doing more with less. Those not in the business office may wonder about bursar operations. According to the team of five at Texas Women's University, that office is responsible for:

  • Development and maintenance of tuition and fee rate schedules for each semester or term and for all student categories
  • The facilitation and maintenance of tuition and fee billing tables in the ERP system
  • Billing compliance for all state- and board-approved programs
  • Administration of the payment gateway and billing suite
  • Electronic billing
  • Student accounts
  • University emergency loans
  • Payment plans
  • Credit card transaction adjustments
  • Daily reconciliation of all online transactions, student accounting, and departmental transactions
  • Student accounting (analysis of billing and payment transactions, application of financial aid, housing and other charges)
  • Providing documentation and rationalization when required
  • Providing customer service (to students and departments)
  • Face-to-face service
  • Phone contacts
  • E-mail and other correspondence
  • Third-party/sponsor programs
  • Acquisition of documentation
  • Application of awards
  • Invoicing and collection
  • University-wide cash-handling training
  • Departmental deposit processing
  • Management of all returned payment items (paper and electronic)
  • New student orientations
  • Refund disbursements
  • Collections (current and past due receivables)
  • Administration of outsourcing uncollectible balances
  • Support of state and federal reporting
  • Development and maintenance of the department website
  • Cooperative development and coordination of business processes between various student business and enrollment service offices to assure customer service excellence
  • Veterans' programs (cooperative involvement with the registrar and other university components)
  • Other duties, as assigned